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Random things I loved about this episode:

Continuity! They didn’t forget about Cameron’s HIV Test. House’s comment about a dying parent directed towards Chase. And House checking out the monster trucks on TV. :)

Wilson lectures House about the pitfalls of infidelity and breaking up a marriage. Dude, you’ve been married three times.

House said “snarky”! Is that even an officially recognized word yet?

RSL cracked me up throughout the episode. He had to pick up the pieces after Stacy left? I could hear the fanfic being written. “Actually I’m underplaying.” OK, I’d hate to see you when you’re really freaking out then.

“I know you’re in there. I can hear you caring.”

“Cameron I love you.” Hee. She is sooooo not over House. Which I’m glad about, not because House/Cameron is my OTP, but because I think it would be unrealistic if her feelings had just gone away.

Cuddy’s Stacy impression was dead on. I especially liked her observation about his “dreamy eyes” and his cane. ;)

Things I didn’t like:

The cheesy fake sunset. I was waiting for someone to break out into a show tune.

Mark’s an idiot. Why did Stacy even have to think about what/who she wanted?

For some really great observations (especially regarding the parallel’s between the patient’s marriage and House/Stacy), check out no_detective’s thoughts. Off of her comments I became a little more analytical about the episode myself.

House frustrated the hell out of me. He finally gets what he wants and just as quickly gives it up. He feigns selflessness – doing what’s best for Stacy’s happiness – but in reality it’s all about him. He’s kind of like Buffy here; he’s become accustomed to the misery. He knows it, embraces it, and takes a certain amount of comfort in it. It’s his safe haven now and grabbing some happiness would mean risk because happiness is the unknown for him now. Plus, I think there is a fear of ‘She’ll come to her senses and leave me again’ and he doesn’t want to relive the pain he went through five years ago.

The truth is, as complicated and f***ed up as House and Stacy’s relationship might be, I still feel it would be a healthier relationship than Mark and Stacy’s. Mark is putting all of his relationship problems on himself, unable or unwilling to see his wife’s culpability. It may not be as severe as the communication problem between the patient and her husband, but there are communication problems. I’m not even talking about Stacy not telling Mark about her infidelity, but the fact that he has to go to House, a man he loathes, to get help with his wife. He does so because, on some level, he knows House is able to read Stacy better than anyone else. This insight also provides House with a problem. He’s familiar with Stacy’s pattern of, if not lying, bending the truth to spare people she cares about pain. And for a man who has spent his life solving problems to get to the truth, how could he deal with a life of not knowing exactly what’s going on?

Larkin you redeemed yourself a wee bit by admitting, in a roundabout way, that you’ve been closed minded and obstinate. And she’s finally starting to show!

I should not be thinking that Louis and Kira making a cute couple.

I really liked Kira in this episode. She finds herself in this bizarre circumstance, yet instead of being freaked out about it, she wants to embrace it – be part of it. And here she acts like a typical teenager. She feels disconnected from her family and friends, like she’s the outsider who doesn’t belong there. When she, in fact, she is the normal one.

I appreciated Tom’s comment to the support group that none will deal with the transformation in the same way. That everyone is reacting differently is an intentional direction on the part of the writers rather than a result of sloppy plotting. As I’ve been rewatching Shaun Cassidy’s other otherworldly series, ‘American Gothic’, as much as I adore that show and what it tried to do, I’ve come to realize they had come major continuity issues when it came to the characters. More on that later when I get to posting on that show, but SC is doing a much better job of developing arcs and carrying through story threads here.

While I’m sure the introduction of Other Dave was meant to serve an important purpose – showing us the pitfalls of tinkering with DNA and that the alien’s hybridization process has some problems, the twist left me cold. I know we were suppose to be disturbed by this individuals suffering, but we never got to know him enough to care. Plus, Dave tracking him went on for too damn long.

The priest was the shooter? I wasn’t surprised. However, I liked his comment about Tom abusing the privilege of God’s grace. It was further proof that after they become a hybrid they aren’t able to shake who they once were and that person’s core beliefs.

Tom knows Zhura? That surprised me.
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