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BSG Ep 16: Sacrifice

As evidence of how much I liked this episode, I believe this is the first time since ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ that I stayed up to watch the repeat showing at 1am and was up until roughly 3am still discussing it (and talking k_julia out of her self-imposed exile from viewing. ;) The episode still had it’s fair share of flaws, but it’s easier to hand wave them when you have a semblance of continuity, actions growing organically from the story, and characters being relatively true to who they are.

I don’t have a lot to say about the terrorist plot. It was a nice reminder that there still exists dissention in the fleet. Whereas the peace movement’s motivations and demands in ‘Epiphanies’ made me go ‘Huh?’, I could understand from an emotionally charged stand point where Sesha was coming from. There was also some logic behind her demands and concerns. Adama, the man they are all entrusting their lives to, has put a lot of faith in the guidance of an enemy who could be playing him, leading them into a trap. Sharon’s assistance has only been to ensure the preservation of her and her child. She won’t reveal who or where other Cylon models may be that could wreak havoc elsewhere. And her words “They adapt to your every move. Every move triggers a counter move.” is worrisome. Has she been adapting this whole time? Just as Six got to Baltar back on Caprica, thus gaining herself access to the colonies defense system, are their military defenses being infiltrated again, but this time not so blindly? If not for her methods and her desire for revenge, Sesha could have made a very persuasive argument to the fleet that changes need to be made.

I have to wonder how anyone thought they could keep Sharon’s existence a secret. She’s walking around the ship on a regular basis. The Pegasus crew knows all about her. And we’ve seen how easily rumors and gossip are spread amongst the fleet.

The hostage situation was utilized as a means to explore the characters we already know and where they are going to be at emotionally by the end of the episode. Adama is starting to wonder about the choices he’s made since nearly being killed himself. Sharon has become an obsession for him. Instead of being by his son’s bedside, he’s in the morgue looking over a body that has been lifeless for months. But, whereas he was questioning her actions before, he’s not being forced to take a look at his own.

Mary McDonnell conveying Laura’s grief was amazing. It was one of her finest moments of the series. She tried so hard to retain her composure, to play the president, remain emotionless, and distance herself from the harsh reality of decisions they must make every day. But once she forces herself to look down at Billy, she loses it. The needing to brace herself against the wall so she doesn’t fall down and fall apart was an incredible acting choice. As was fixing Billy’s hair, trying to make it better when she can’t.

I didn’t get chocked up when Billy died. The character has had little to do since ‘Resistance’ and because of his lack of screen time; I’ve found myself emotionally distanced from him. But once Laura had to confront the reality that he’s gone and that she’s lost the person closest to her – a young man that was not only a valued political aspect, but family to her – yeah, I got a bit weepy.

While I’m not devastated by the loss of Billy, I am fascinated to see how this affects Laura. Will she replace him? How can she replace him? And will she turn, once again, to Lee for support?

I have mixed emotions on how Billy’s death happened. Yes, he was trying to be the hero and help save lives, but, damn, it was a stupid move on his part. Look at how many trained military personal were either wounded or killed. And the only other time he handled a gun, in VoD, he almost got them all killed. Dee was right, he should have done nothing.

I also didn’t like that the show decided to make Billy Mr. Sympathetic leading up to his death. Had Billy ever just spoken up in a meeting between Laura and Adama before? Did he ever dare question Adama? And then we have his heart ripped out and stomped on by Dee, yet he comforts her over the bleeding body of her new boyfriend (?) who she’s showing more emotion for than she ever did him.

I know a lot of people have/will attack Dee for her choices and behavior. Should she have told Billy sooner about her feelings for Lee or at least that her feelings for him had changed? Absolutely. And I feel she would have, she’d have to considering the environment they are now living in. The proposal was obviously a shock to her. It shocked me. My first reaction was “What the hell are you thinking Billy?” I give her points for immediately telling him no. I also understand why she didn’t go any further in explaining why. One look at his face and you knew this was the worst blow he’s suffered since losing his family in the attacks. Does she rub salt in the wound at that moment by telling him Lee’s changed his mind about pursuing a relationship with her and she’s choosing him instead? I think her choice to avoid that painful talk until sometime later was simply human nature. And like Lee and Dead Caprica Girlfriend, she didn’t get the opportunity to put things right.

Sadly, once again, Dee’s actions (and, in general, the whole Lee/Dee thing) are suffering from some poor editorial decisions courtesy of Ron Moore. There was another Lee/Dee scene in this episode that was cut. I’ve seen the promo pics for it. It would have been prior to their date. Lee’s in his dress blues, reaching in to kiss Dee either in his quarters or hers. It at least would have helped to explain why they were suddenly together on Cloud 9. Ron, if you want us to buy this relationship as something important to one or both, you need to show us.

Is it just me, or does Dee seem way too invested in Lee already? She’s pleading with him not to leave her and they hadn’t even managed to get through one date. My take is (and I am completely filling in the blanks here because we’ve seen so little interaction on screen) that after Kara rebuffed him last week, Lee decided to move on. I honestly don’t feel he’s using Dee, rather, she’s beautiful, and a good person with many fine qualities (if not good with break-ups), who has expressed a genuine interest in being with him. Why not explore the possibility and see what could develop? But, they are portraying Dee as if she’s in love with him and I think she may be setting herself up for a world of hurt. I mean, he didn’t give up his gun to save her; he would have done the same had it been Ellen Tigh. danceswithwords and I were attempting to analyze his reactions in the hospital bed. Granted, he had lost a lot of blood and was doped up on pain meds, but I would have thought he would have shown some emotion to seeing her there if he deeply cared about her. DWW was thinking perhaps he expected Kara to be there; I was wondering if he was expecting Adama. (Btw, nice echo of KLG Pt 2 in the bar, only, this time, it’s Adama over Lee’s bloody body.)

Now that I’ve listed some of my issues/concerns about Lee and Dee, I have to say that I loved seeing Lee Adama on a date - the dress casual clothing, him shaking off his military responsibilities, trying to relax and have fun, even attempting to be nice to Ellen. He was so cute! And then we segued from the cuteness to him asking Ellen to join him in the restroom which, yes, it was Ellen and it was a ploy, but it was still hot. Especially when he continued to let her believe what she wanted to believe until they got to their destination. She got to hold his hand, she should consider herself lucky. ;)

Do you think Lee’s reference to Ellen spending a lot of time on Cloud 9 is significant? Sure, she’s a drunk and a ho and easily bored, but could there be more to her trips there? I’m probably thinking more about this than the writers are. :p

OMG, poor Kara, you just know she is not going to deal with this well. There is always going to be residual guilt over for her role in Zak’s death, now she’s confronted with almost killing Adama’s other son. She must feel she’s a curse to those she loves in general and the Adama men in particular. It was her decision to deviate from the planned recon mission; however, Lee was an idiot for running around while bullets were flying through the air. They were at least equally at fault for his injury, but she won’t see it that way. She’ll shoulder all the blame and guilt and focus on her failure and how she’s no good to anyone. She’s like Lee in that respect. But in a moment that shows she has grown and matured, she immediately confesses to her role in it all.

Of course, the Adama men’s actions will haunt her as well. Lee never lost eye contact with her after being shot. She may see that as an accusation or expression of disappointment, but I’m not certain that was his intent. And Adama only adds to all her fears and self-loathing by not accepting her help in the rescue efforts. I don’t feel this reflected ill will towards her. All he had to do was take one look at her and know she was in no condition physically or mentally to aid in the operation. Hopefully, they’ll deal with the fallout from all this next week and won’t just drop the issues raised. Unlike what they did with 'Black Market'. Seriously, we can just pretend that episode never existed.
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