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Podcast for 'Sacrifice'

* Ron had "issues" with the episode, but he didn’t dislike it as he did ‘Black Market’.

* There was an extended opening with Sesha’s husband - showing him working on the ship and phoning her just before he dies. I had to agree with Ron here; since we didn’t know this person would we care about all this?

* Billy’s death was a result of Paul getting offered roles on other shows and in features and it became mutually beneficial to let him go.

* Instead of the bar, the original idea was to play out hostage situation onboard a shuttle, but it would have caused logistical problems and been more expensive.

* In outlines/early drafts of the script, Lee and Dee slept together before going to Cloud 9. That was deemed taking things too far, too fast. They did shoot pieces showing their relationship was more intimate before they got to Cloud 9 (I’m assuming what he is talking about is the kiss I’ve seen stills from), but they opted to protect the characters and portray it as a burgeoning relationship instead. OK, I hate to admit it, but, thinking about it in these terms, I may agree with cutting the Lee/Dee footage here. I prefer thinking that this was just a good, old fashioned get to know each other date and that nothing physical, even if was simply a kiss, had transpired between them yet.

* Ron felt the editing in the bar was not as good as it should have been. It’s not clear that Lee is trying to signal Dee with his eyes to look around the room as he leaves with Ellen.

* In a version of the script, we were to see Kara with some guy. She was going off to a room with him and reverting to her old ways. But we were also to see an aspect of self loathing from her that she really wasn’t into this guy. Ultimately, it was deemed contradictory to realizations she had made in ‘Scar’ in respect to Anders. Still, he wishes they had been able to explore what she was doing on Cloud 9 and the idea that she and Lee were there at the same time yet not together. Ron also mentioned that the attraction between Lee and Kara and the implication is that it hasn’t completely been dealt with.

* In early drafts of the script there was more conflict between Tigh and Adama with Tigh not willing to let Ellen die and deciding himself to turn Sharon over to Sesha. But regardless of Ellen’s life being in danger, they could never see Tigh giving terrorists what they want.

* Kara shooting Lee was a late idea and not RM’s.

* EJO/Adama’s "Cut the wire" line was unscripted and Ron has no clue what it means, but EJO said it with such conviction they kept it in.

* Ron describes the next to last scene as having a lot going on. Dee is trying to hang on to Lee because she just lost someone else she cared about again. And Kara is having to deal with the guilt of shooting the man she loves in some way and have to watch him there with another woman.
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