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I need to thank the anonymous LJ folks who bestowed upon me two boxes of candy. You must know me fairly well since you didn’t go with the flowers. ;)

Last night I watched an episode of ‘Stargate: SG-1’. Why? I’m not exactly certain. It was the ep where Daniel Jackson comes back after pursuing other acting opportunitiesascending. (Why am I using his full name? Damn you T’ealc!) Anyway, Daniel comes back with amnesia and the process of regaining his memories begins. Of course, I should have known this wasn’t going to be wrapped up in an hour. More surprising than that though is that I went “Crap” when I saw “To Be Continued”. I’m finding it deeply disturbing that I cared, how this was to be resolved. Unfortunately, since I went shopping immediately after work tonight, I missed the conclusion. danceswithwords now more than ever I await your recaps. I believe you are still in the midst of Corin Nemic forgettable appearance though so I must wait. : (

In happier news, I just finished watching ‘House’ and…..OMG! My fandoms have collided! This warrants a

First, there was House in the towel. Hugh doesn’t exactly have Jamie’s physique, but he’s got nothing to be ashamed of. And, in this case, the water dripping off his body actually contributed to a plot point!

But the real ‘Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me moment!’ was when the escort/call girl/prostitute/whatever you wish to call her arrived. This is apparently how men who wallow in the angst and self-loathing choose to deal with their misery. House and Lee both screwed up dealing with important relationships and it haunts them. Both are seeking a physical release to forget their present situations. The key difference is House doesn’t want to connect, doesn’t really desire to feel, and seemingly can stop himself from doing so whereas Lee just can’t help himself from wanting more. I could probably do a whole post on comparing and contrasting the two. Do I want to? I’m not so sure. Anyway, I’m far too tired to do it tonight.

On to other things….

The coma patient is back! I now envision this guy making a miraculous recovery in the series finale.

Line in need of iconing – "You’re cramping my exits."

Image in need of iconing – House curled up under the glass table.

House cheated?! I was surprised by that…yet not. My assumption was that a guy so detail oriented, so obsessed with getting to the truth would want to get there himself. Then again, it seems like whatever he cheated on was something he deemed unimportant and a waste of his time. He’s not above taking short cuts when he can and he probably felt he could better focus his energy and intellect elsewhere.

Yet again, I adored Wilson. Why has RSL not been nominated for any awards? Amidst his humorous quips, there were, once again, some very keen insights. House creating the perfect lose/lose situation and being distracted by the physical pain, gives him less time to think about other things, in other words, Stacy. And it can’t be a coincidence that in addition the self induced migraine, we also didn’t see him pop any Vicodin.

Why is ‘House’ on at 8 pm EST Monday next week? Are we going to be forced to endure two hours of ‘American Idol’ instead?

Oh, where would one find screencaps for this past weeks BSG? I think I need knew a new pic up on my monitor at work and there were a few nice shots of Jamie in that ep. ;-)

Olympic observation: If looks counted in figure skating, this guy from France would definitely medal. :)
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