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Catching Up

I couldn't get online earlier today so this is a late reminder that House is on tonight at 8est. It's a one week only deal since 'American Idol' runs two hours tomorrow night. I also have a suspicion that FOX is testing it in this time slot because, at one time, the network had intended to move the show midseason and bump 'Bones' to the post AI slot.

Still no podcast for this past week's BSG. Apparently there were "technical difficulties". I thought that might mean a delay, but now I'm thinking it was never recorded. Sadly, I was actually looking forward to a podcast for 'The Captain's Hand'. Not even Ron could have ruined my enthusiasm. :)

And slightly belated birthday wishes to claudia_yvr. Happy Birthday! sweetie. You are such a dear and as a recent convert to BSG I only wish you posted more. ;) I hope you had a great and, most importantly, non-stressful day. :-)

Oh, and I finally managed to catch the entire first season, all six episodes (only six? I now see why U.S. television is so popular), of Slings & Arrows on the Sundance Channel. It's probably one of the most witty and intelligent series I've ever seen. I actually wish I could have seen their full production of 'Hamlet'. And I think I love Rachel McAdams. Season 2 started last night with 'Macbeth' the featured production. This should be entertaining. :)
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I had a serious crush on Rachel McAdams in "Wedding Crashers." Strange, but true.

Sorry, there's no real point to this comment. :)
You're comments always have points! Not always brilliant ones, but, still. ;)
They are repeating the season premiere tomorrow night. 8cst I think.

I actually watched a bit of it before, but I often forgot it was on and then it seemed like every time I did catch it I saw the same tow episodes. I'm glad I got to see it all in one sitting.
Thanks for the reminder :) Believe it or not that was actualy the first thought that popped into my head when I woke up this morning: "House is on tonight!" How sad is that???

Got to run, both kids are now crying.

Have a good night!

PS - do my Johari thingy! :)
Ron Moore wrote in his blog that he was travelling and couldn't record the "Captain's Hand" podcast in time, but that he'd record it over the weekend and upload it during the week. So I think that we should get it some time before Friday.
Oooh! I'm so glad you're watching it. Isn't it brilliant?

But what's with the US and Canadia not getting Slings and Arrows or BSG at the same time, dammit.

Two of the only shows on that repay analysis and we can't talk about them.

The fact that we are getting 'Slings & Arrows' at all seems to be a miracle. Generally six episode shows aren't real attractive to networks. And didn't the first season run two or three years ago?

I hadn't even thought about doing in depth analysis, I'm usually wiped out after tackling BSG. Though that will done here in three weeks.

I so wish I could read your BSG stuff in real time and contribute. Last year I liked it. But, this year, I'm really really getting into it.

I still loathe mad scientist and transgender lingerie ho, but that's a minor annoyance.

Tonight Kara, Helo, and Sharon-from-Caprica reunited with Lee and Laura. And Adama decided at the end of the ep to reunite with them also. (Well duh, splitting what remains of humanity in two? Dumbass) So I don't know which ep that is. Maybe 8-ish, 9-ish?

I think last year was S1 of Slings and Arrows here. I know this year was S2.
I don't loathe anyone on the show though Baltar can get on my nerves at time. However, I adore Six and Tricia does some amazing work later in the season.

Speaking of the season, you just saw 'Home Pt 2'. There are some good eps after that, but the show did hit a rough patch, but it now seems to be back on track. Hey, no show is perfect is my motto. And you know that question you asked me the other day? It seems the answer will be yes this week.
Aw, thank you, sweetie! Now I'm all verklempt.

I did have a completely stressfree birthday and am looking forward to having more time on my hands, so I can keep up with BSG and post a bit more. (Quick comment: They've given Lee so much backstory lately. IT MUST STOP. There's too much to process all that once. Unless, of course, TPTB divulge that he and Laura had a torrid one-night stand after she left the doctor's office that fateful day on Caprice.)

And, yes, Slings & Arrows is awesome. I'd love to get my hands on the second season, but haven't had any luck so far.

::shares birthday cake::
Unless, of course, TPTB divulge that he and Laura had a torrid one-night stand after she left the doctor's office that fateful day on Caprice.)

Hee. Well, my friend k_julia wrote a fic about just that. ;-)

Glad you had a nice day. :)