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Let me cut to the chase (but not that Chase), I didn’t like this episode. In fact, it may be my least favorite of the series. My mother and I actually got into an argument about it. She liked it because she saw the subject matter as daring for a network medical show. While I got the sense that the show was consciously pushing the envelope, I’d appreciate it if they didn’t botch the execution and offend me in the process.

I understand that psychological pain can manifest itself physically and that, in turn, that pain can make people lash out in ways they normally wouldn’t. Or, in House’s case, make him even more of an asshole. So I didn’t have a problem with him being nastier than usual, but the writers, in choosing to utilize jokes about a father sleeping with his daughter to convey House’s downward spiral, removed all my sympathy.

And maybe it’s just me, but to add insult to injury, House was not only correct and the father did sleep with his daughter, but, here’s the twist! The daughter got him drunk and seduced him so she could blackmail him into letting her do whatever she wanted! And this doesn’t bother her at all! Can we say sociopath?

Now let’s talk wonky medical diagnosis. I can hand wave the guess work, the unnecessary testing, and the all the disconnected symptoms that bring them to their conclusion. But when House went in and callously told her ‘You’re a guy’. Er, no. Maybe I’m in the minority, but just because of some DNA and latent male genitalia I don’t believe that makes her a guy. In addition to her outward appearance, she believes, psychologically, herself to be a female, therefore, she’s a girl. And don’t even get me started on how dad seemed to deal OK with having sex with his daughter, but was disgusted when he found out he slept with his son. Ugh.

Ya know, I should just stop thinking about this episode because it’s pissing me off. I did like two things: Hugh Laurie did a great job portraying House’s pain and I loved Foreman telling House that he was letting the pain affect his treatment of a patient. Other than that, I’ll choose to forget this happened.
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I just posted much the same about the disease of the week in my LJ. The way they're handling House's need for pain meds also bothers me a lot. Of course, that may be because right now the pain in my knee bothers me and I'm pissed at anyone who makes light of such things.
As I just mentioned in your LJ, suddenly I'm looking at some subpar BSG writing in a whole new (and more positive) light. :/
I wish Cuddy and Wilson (still nursing his sore shin) would just rip him a new one, I'm about ready to do it myself.
I really wanted to hug Cuddy when she told House she had given him a plecebo. :)
He made jokes about incest? And then said incest ended up being the EVOL daughter's fault? Between this, and last week's prostitution story, and they've crossed that line between 'snarky' and 'offensive asshole'.
I won't place the blame about the EVOL daughter at House's feet. It wasn't until Cameron was trying to convince her to press charges against her father that the girl reveals that it was all her doing because she got her father drunk and seduced him so she could use that against him. She also slept with her tutor to get out of doing homework, her agent to get better deals, and her photographer to get better assignments. And she was perfectly OK with ALL of this because the one thing she has is her beauty (btw, she wasn't that pretty) and she's going to use that to her advantage. At least House thought she was repressing this horrible thing done to her, not that she was well aware and pating herself on the back. It really scares me what was in the writers minds in this episode.
"btw, she wasn't that pretty"

I think the show House is pretty good at deglamorizing patients; Cynthia Nixon looked like someone who was plausibly sick, without resorting to smoke puffing boils on her head.

Anyway, of all the trendy-intersexual episodes on tv, as you mention, I actually think this is one of the better ones: it showed how attachement to gender is pretty pathological (and not psychological as you said). The whole "look at me, I'm really a GIIIIIRL" scene at the end.

Contrast it to the Grey's Anatomy episode where the "ugly" girl finds out she's really a boy and is like, kewl, it's ok for me to like comic books now, yippee! Now those writers are the ones that need to be put in the rack, imo.

So I actually give the House ep a thumbs up, even though I'm a minority of one.
That's not to say that I think they were right in going with the evil seductress part; that was stupid and unnecessary.

But I think there were other elements that have worked better than any other show that has tried them.
I agree the show does a good job of deglamorizing patients. I was actually thinking of how she looked before she became ill. She just didn't have that model look about her.

I've only seen a few episodes of GA, but from what I have seen they routinely butcher the medical storylines. Gee, I was a huge sci-fi fan at five, maybe I should have my DNA checked! :p

Actually, you are in a minority of two. My friend cathyteach2 didn't think it was so bad either.
My own feeling is that it was the evil Y chromosome lurking within that made the model so craven and sociopathic when it came to sex.

Whence that old saying: You can take the testes out of the boy, but you can't take the boy out of the testes.

*spanks self to save others the bother*
That's almost the sense that I got too, that they intentionally set it up that way. Which is stupid, but at least it's different. On the other hand, it's almost like they set it up that way just because they knew they could "get away with it": ie. them dirty feminists can't complain because the evol kid isn't a girl but a boy.
One thing that pissed me off (and it could be me drawing a wrong conclusion) was that I fear that the show was telling us that her earlier behavior, using men and discarding them as soon as she gets what she wants, was suddenly male behavior once we find out about her genetic makeup. To me, the girl had serious psychological problems that were suddenly underminded by the reveal of her physical makeup. But, like I said, I have no proof that this is what they were thinking. Heck, I don't know what they were thinking! ;)
My own feeling is that it was the evil Y chromosome lurking within that made the model so craven and sociopathic when it came to sex.

Yep, this was basically my take once we got the Shocking! twist. Which disturbs me because suddenly her sociopathic behavior is tied to her being male instead of just being a screwed up person.
I was kidding and now you're the second person to take me seriously.


I guess the whole ep is less disturby to me - and more the fodder for mockery - because House isn't on my fave list. I like it. I watch it. But I don't have expectations - except for good performances from most of the regulars.
I was kidding and now you're the second person to take me seriously.

Well, I'd be happy to return to the regularly scheduled mocking. ;)
I mean the writers are the ones who crossed the line. Did they say how old the girl was when she seduced these people? Because unless she had a gun on them, there is some culpability with the men involved. How drunk do you have to be to be seducible by your daughter?
The girl is fifteen now and the father was her latest conquest so who knows how long it has been going on? And I think most fathers could be way over the legal limit for intoxication and not lay a hand on their daughter. This was all so badly handled.
"This was all so badly handled."

And nice fodder for the 'women rape TOO!' crowd, although if she was a hermaphrodite, it could be 'non-men' or 'one of them there WEIRD people' or something.
Okay, right now I'm now wondering if it was a good thing that I had a tape malfunction and the episode did not tape while I was watching the Olympics.
I, too, was disturbed with House's busting in and declaring that his patient is, in fact, a "him". If I remember correctly, which is asking a lot, House didn't know the girl was EVOL, so he basically just ripped an innocent little girl's world apart for no apparent reason. It would be one thing for him to go to the father and say, "by the way, she's a he, you homo" -- but to hurt the girl like that was just awful. But, then again, perhaps he did know that she was EVOL. (Not that knowing make his actions excusable, but at least explainable.)

BTW, Happy Birthday! :)
House being harsh with just the father would have actually made sense to me. The guy slept with his daughter and is going to get away with it. I could see House wanting to make him suffer in some way and seeing the truth as a way to do it.

And thanks! :)