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Let me cut to the chase (but not that Chase), I didn’t like this episode. In fact, it may be my least favorite of the series. My mother and I actually got into an argument about it. She liked it because she saw the subject matter as daring for a network medical show. While I got the sense that the show was consciously pushing the envelope, I’d appreciate it if they didn’t botch the execution and offend me in the process.

I understand that psychological pain can manifest itself physically and that, in turn, that pain can make people lash out in ways they normally wouldn’t. Or, in House’s case, make him even more of an asshole. So I didn’t have a problem with him being nastier than usual, but the writers, in choosing to utilize jokes about a father sleeping with his daughter to convey House’s downward spiral, removed all my sympathy.

And maybe it’s just me, but to add insult to injury, House was not only correct and the father did sleep with his daughter, but, here’s the twist! The daughter got him drunk and seduced him so she could blackmail him into letting her do whatever she wanted! And this doesn’t bother her at all! Can we say sociopath?

Now let’s talk wonky medical diagnosis. I can hand wave the guess work, the unnecessary testing, and the all the disconnected symptoms that bring them to their conclusion. But when House went in and callously told her ‘You’re a guy’. Er, no. Maybe I’m in the minority, but just because of some DNA and latent male genitalia I don’t believe that makes her a guy. In addition to her outward appearance, she believes, psychologically, herself to be a female, therefore, she’s a girl. And don’t even get me started on how dad seemed to deal OK with having sex with his daughter, but was disgusted when he found out he slept with his son. Ugh.

Ya know, I should just stop thinking about this episode because it’s pissing me off. I did like two things: Hugh Laurie did a great job portraying House’s pain and I loved Foreman telling House that he was letting the pain affect his treatment of a patient. Other than that, I’ll choose to forget this happened.
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