March 30th, 2003

Asta 2

I've finally succumbed to the siren song....

I think I'm the last of my little group to cave in. But, I have three reasons for why I've chosen to do so.

1) My rampant paranoia - I'm still expecting the fine folks at LJ to relize I haven't posted a damn thing and kick my ass off the site for wasting their valuable space.

2) The nice people who I don't know so well who have friended me. I'd hate for them to check out my LJ and see no thoughts of my own while I continue to post to their sites in some stalkery manner. (Please refer to the paranoia mentioned above.)

3) Tape delayed Buffy showings due to sporting events. I had a lot - A LOT - of thoughts about this weeks ep and hesitated posting them to the board I frequent after so much has already been said. So, here they are...

Collapse )

After viewing LMPTM, I have some general thoughts about Spike and his journey. But, considering the length of this first post, I’ll wait a few days before continuing.
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