March 31st, 2003

Asta 2

James' future with the Buffyverse

GrrrArgh. Remember yesterday when I said I had some more thoughts about Spike? Well, this certainly throws a wrench in them.

Here's the deal for those who haven't heard. James said at a Con over the weekend that he's been asked by ME to join the cast of Angel next season. Alyson has been asked as well, though, I thought she had expressed disinterest in continuing on as Willow. No deals have been finalized and James may only be a semi-regular much like ASH has been on Buffy. The rational for all this is to bring Spike's fanbase to Angel and guarantee it's renewal. I get why ME is doing it, but, much as I love Spike, I got some problems with this.

First off, in defence of DB, it is HIS show, is it fair to to steal the spotlight from him? I just see problems occuring forcing Spike into the mix. Not to mention, how fricken big is this cast going to end up being with all these possible cast additions???

Second, I think it's time for James to move on. Love him, but, just as DB has done, he's aged and that's a little hard to justify when playing a vamp. Plus, I'd like him to explore other venues. The more he plays Spike, the more I see the typcasting curse befalling him.

Third, two vampires with a soul on one show? Both involved with the same Slayer?

Finally, and what I'll elaborate on later, part of me feels Spike's journey is drawing to a satisfying conclusion. I don't have any false dreams of Spike and Buffy and a crypt with a white picket fence. But, I do feel his story is tied to Buffy's and that their journeys should end at the same time. I neither want to see Spike all alone nor paired with a new love interest. As I was saying jokingly to writteninstars the other night, do we really want to see Spred? ::shudders at the thought::

Anyone else have thoughts on this? Checking out the boards, I feel as if I'm in the minority.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see Spike make some guest appearances, but I'm just not keen on this series regular scenerio.
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