April 6th, 2003

Asta 2

I'm Baaaccck!

Yee Ha! I have power again! After spending about five hours at work and an hour at the grocery store, I finally ended up at my mothers around 6:30. Like me, she had no power, but has a fireplace. Her power was to be restored around 11:00pm, but when she called at 10:30 to check again they pushed that back to 8:00pm tomorrow. :(

Now, here's the strange part. My electricity was to be out until 11:00pm Tuesday and the message Consumers Power has playing still says that. Yet, I called my apartment around 11:00pm and my machine picked up. Now, here I sit, at my computer, heat blasting, with my mother bound and gagged in the living room....just kidding, the heat's not blasting.

As for cute, definitely single attorney, I was hoping he'd stop by before leaving the office, but no such luck. He does seem rather shy, so I'm not taking it as a bad sign. He just needs a bit of time to relize he's madly in love with me. At least my Gaydar didn't fail me. Being upset over possibly missing the NCAA Finals and cringing when I mentioned the musical "Chicago" says straight to me.
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Asta 2

Me and Ms Jones

OK, Me would like to wish the beautiful, brilliant, incisive, analytical, witty, funny, sexy, slightly snarky (in the good way) and, of course, smutty, jonesiexxx a:

Happy Birthday!

I wanted to use pretty colors and pictures to reinforce my enthusiasm for this momentous day, but techno-challanged as I am, this plain text must do.
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