April 17th, 2003

Asta 2

Is it May yet?

Well, I think it's finally setting in that I have to start hauling ass on some things because May is looking to be a pretty busy month for me.

Of course, May is the time when all good shows (and bad) must come to an end for the season. Alias on May 4 and Buffy on May 20 will fill those two evenings up (and probably many days after with endless debate). I guess Angel ends in there sometime too - no clue when though. :p

May 2 is when X2 (now formerly known as X-Men:United) opens. Already have plans to see it twice that weekend. I know I'll love it and want to see it many more times than that. I really enjoyed the first one on it's own, but it also introduced me and the world to Hugh Jackman. For him alone, I'd like the movie, but I'm hearing a lot of positive buzz about it to boot. It's being compared to The Empire Strikes Back. And I saw some new footage last night that only intrigued me more (what is Mystique doing on top of Wolverine? ;) ) I've heard there's a big surprise twist in the film that they've managed to keep hush-hush - I hope it doesn't get leaked. Would we have wanted to know Darth Vader was Luke's father beforehand?

Then, of course, is the Con in Chicago. Which from the newly posted, screwed up itinerary, looks to be a weekend of running from one place to another.

We've all been waiting months for this to happen and now it's only weeks away. For the most part, I think I'm pretty well organized. Need to buy a few travel products, but the wardrobe looks to be in decent shape.

I had this grand idea to draw a portrait of James to have him autograph for me. Hopefully, I'll have it done in time, but I won't sweat it if not. It will, at least, be mostly done. Enough for him to be blown away by my talent. :)

I do need to test out my digital camera - the one I got for Christmas and haven't used yet. I just don't have anything I want to take pictures of at the moment. Suppose, I'll just need to take some random shots to test the settings and try out the software which I haven't installed yet. :(

Did have aspirations to get a new printer/scanner/copier for my computer. I'll have to see if I can motivate myself to do that soon.

And I now have a baby shower to attend on May 18. Chris and I use to work in the same department here at the firm until I managed to arrange my escape form the General Services department. He's a braver soul than I to stay there.

His wife and he expect their first child - a girl - in June. He showed me the 3-D images they had taken of her and it's absolutely amazing to see this nearly fully developed child still in the womb.

Funny thing about the baby shower is that they won't call it a 'baby shower' - it's an open house. Yet, it's not at their house, but at the clubhouse of their complex. And you don't need to bring a gift, but they've included a card telling you where they are registered. I know a lot of strange people. It's OK, normalcy is highly overrated. :)

Now, I must return to work, which I shall have a lot of to clear up before the Con. I already know my "backup" with the stick up her ass won't do jack**** while I'm gone. I wonder if she thinks it's funny to go on vacation to supposedly relax only to come back to a big honking pile of work on your desk when you return. But, I'm not bitter....
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