April 28th, 2003

Asta 2

I'm probably the only one inetersted by this, but....

I just about fell off my chair at work this morning when I discovered Bryan Adams is in a movie. A Movie! A Russian movie no less. Now some of you may know (and be disturbed by the fact) that I am a fan of Bryan Adams - have been since I was about 13. Granted, my idolization has faded a bit with the years, but I still like the guy and his music. I try to keep up with what he's doing, but I totally missed this. I doubt it will ever make it to the theaters here, but I'll definitely be looking for the DVD release.

Here's the synopsis if anyone but me cares....

House of Fools (2003)

Based on a true story set during the Chechen war in 1996, the patients in an isolated psychiatric hospital in Caucasus, on the Russian/Chechnya border, are oblivious to the coming political events, sheltered in their own isolated world. As Russian troops near, the medical staff mysteriously vanishes--abandoning their unbalanced charges who must now fend for themselves. A group of Chechen soldiers settles in with the psychologically challenged patients--an ethnically mixed group of Jews, Muslims, Russians, Chechens, who serve as a microcosm of their world outside. Janna, a beautiful young Chechen patient, finds her only peace in her accordion, and in her dreams of being rescued by her imaginary fiancé, Canadian superstar Bryan Adams--that is, until she becomes attached to Chechen soldier Ahmed. However, with the arrival of Russian troops, the maddening realities of war arrive at the asylum, with the presence of the patients adding to the bitter irony of war's horrors. Subsequently, the lovely Janna once again waits for her Canadian superstar to come and whisk her away--this time from the Russian troops.
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Asta 2

Calling All Digital Camera Experts

OK, I'm desperate, I'll except amateurs. I need to figure out how to get the best possible pictures out of my camera before I go to the Con in Chicago next month. Now, I seem to be OK with the downloading to my computer part. It's the actual taking of that I'm concerned about.

Most of the settings I intend to leave on auto, though, I know at some events I have to have the flash off. My problem is with determining image size and quality. For quality I have a choice of Fine and Standard. I do believe I see a noticeable difference when using Fine. Now, the manual says for very fine prints I should have it set on 2048 X 1536. However, when I downloaded the pics to my computer they were 1) very large (about 16 X 20) and 2) grainy when I looked at them at 100% enlargement. If I don't intend to make pictures larger than 8 X 10, would the 1280 X 960 setting be good enough? Or, does size really matter? ;)

If anyone can give me some advice on this, I'd be most appreciative.
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