May 2nd, 2003

Asta 2

Initial Thoughts on X2

I may get into some more in depth analysis later, but for now I just want to encourage people to go so I'll keep this non-spoilery.

Big shock, I thought Hugh Jackman was marvelous in this movie. Putting aside the look (which is very hard to do) and the attitude, Hugh had some major emotional scenes to tackle as well. Lesser actors could not have conveyed Logan's conflict the way Hugh did. And while this is a 'comic book movie', if the participants didn't respect the material and take it seriously, the film would be a joke.

I enjoyed the movie a lot and it improves a great deal on it's predecessor. The storyline was solid, the new characters a nice addition, and the exploration of various relationships added to rather than distracted from the main story. Actually the dynamic between Logan, Rogue and Bobby interested me more than the Logan/Cyclops/Jean triangle. And, I give considerable credit to a movie that can answer questions yet pose new ones at the same time and not tick me off in doing so.

Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen gave the best performances, though the rest of the cast did a good job. I even believe Halle Berry got better this time around (maybe the Oscar helped ;) ).

If there continues to be one weak link it's James Marsden and apparently they know it because he went from having a small part in the first movie to an even smaller part in this one. What was the point of him even being around? I know in the comics Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men, but you wouldn't know it from the films.

I highly recommend people see this on the big screen. Some of the action sequences are truly spectacular, my favorite being the one that takes place in the school. Wolverine finally gets to cut loose. ;)
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