May 13th, 2003

Asta 2


And with the first in a series of con reports.....

First off let me buck the trend and say I thought the Con went rather smoothly all thing considered. I will agree that the seating for the Cocktail Party was botched and that the Radisson was a bad choice to hold a Con (narrow halls, small rooms, and not enough places to eat). On the other hand, our group got their early on Friday because we heard how registration could be a nightmare. It took me all of sixty seconds!

Two of our group - Cindy and Sandy - were old pros at this having worked numerous Highlander conventions. Both agreed that schedules can and usually do get screwed up and an hour wait in line was not at all uncommon. Our experiences with the staff were mostly pleasent ones. We asked questions, they answered them, and made every attempt to keep things moving. There were a couple times where they may have been a bit short tempered but considering some of the stuff they were dealing with, I couldn't completely blame them. Seems to me a lot of people didn't bother to read their information packets.

Back to the main event....

Now, as I mentioned, the Cocktail Party set up was screwy - not even close to enough seating. My group scrambled to get four chairs and scrambled again to get more and a table when they began bringing them out. Thankfully, it was a small room so there were no bad spots to be sitting. After Danny, Tom, and George came out to warm up the crowd I noticed Hope (who I had met only a few hours earlier) had disappeared on me. I looked around the room to find her madly waving me over to where she was standing some distance away. I go over there to ask what's up when she tells me to turn around and I notice a perfect view of the stage. The idea of standing in heels for an hour was far from ideal but I wasn't going to pass up on this spot. The spot seemed even better when James didn't sit in the center as expected but at the far end where we were. :)

I'm really glad they did a non-Buffy Q&A. It was interesting hearing him talk about stuff not related to the show and you could see his joy in doing so. I respected him more as a musician and a person after hearing him speak. Oh, and BTW, ITA with James that the original Star Wars is the best of all the films. I was hoping to broach the subject with him but soon realized that the band (and James) was leaving and would not be returning. :( This was my one disappointment of the weekend.

But, that feeling quickly dissipated when I saw HIM, George Herztberg…...OH MY GOD. Suffice it to say, Hope and I were instantly smitten and decided we gather our courage because we must meet him.

We make are way over but seemed to be continually squeezed out by some other enamored women. One, in particular, didn't seem to care she was monopolizing his time nor did she seem to mind the dirty looks we were all giving her. Finally, she left and we got our turn. Hope went first and what should she say to him…”Nice to meet you and I just wanted to tell you how hot I think you are”. A short time later she asked me if she really said that and I said “yes, you really told him how hot you think he is.”

Now, it's my turn. Surprise, surprise, not only am I calm, I managed to ask him some questions about Adam. After the handshake and "nice to meet you" I asked him about returning to Buffy - if it was last minute or he knew well in advance. He said he got a call about coming back while in London (coincidently, while doing another convention). Then he mentioned that he had originally been approached to come back during season 5. I asked him if he knew in what capacity and he said it never got that far that after a few initial phone calls they never followed up with him.

Sidenote: Now, during a discussion about the show a few days later my friend Lynn and I were discussing how Willow was originally slated to go evil during Season 5. My brain now wonders if Adam's return may have been connected to that dropped storyline.

While my conversation with George was taking place, Tom got dragged up on stage for Karoake. I really wasn't paying much attention, but, apparently George feared being called up on stage to participate. At 6'3" or so, he definitely stood out in the crowd. Next thing I know he drops to his knees in front of me to avoid being spotted. I remember saying something like "Well, this is better" since I'm only 5'2".

After my meeting I hurried over to share my news with the rest of my group. Eventually, myself, Hope and writteninstars (aka Crystal) wandered over to the other side of the room to see Tom and Danny but Danny was mobbed and Tom looked to be heading out.

Looking over at Tom I happened to notice someone who looks very familiar. Now, the guy starts to notice me staring at him. My first thought is he looks like the guy who played the Mayor's assistant in Season 3. Then he turns to me and I realize [i]it is the Mayor's assistant from Season 3![/i] I have no clue why I did this, but I waved to him and he smiled and waved back. I start moving towards him and tell him it took me a minute but I recognized him. I was shocked to find out I was the first and he seemed surprised that anyone would recognize him since he was from the "old days" of the show. I informed him it was only four seasons ago and he was remembered. I wondered why he was there since he wasn't part of the Con. Apparently, he's good friends with Tom and decided to pay him a visit. I told him it was nice to meet him and walked away.

Crystal, I discovered, was behind me and she too recognized him. She mentioned how much she liked his BMW commercial so I made her go over and talk to him. :p I think he appreciated being recognized. He seemed like a very sweet and humble guy.

Didn't talk to Iyari but somehow I managed to snap a fabulous picture of her. She's a beautiful girl. Speaking of pics....I'll try to post them as soon as I can. I just need to figure put where and how to do it, if anyone can give me some tips, please do so. :)

Oh, and I got to meet abbagirl though I almost missed her. I had seen her sitting down (I remembered the lilac floral dress) but got distracted by George and almost lost her. Hey, I think George is a pretty good excuse for a distraction.

The Cocktail Party wrapped up fairly early and we all headed out. Most of us weren't staying at the hotel so I can't elaborate on any after hours activities.

I'll try to get to Saturday's events later tonight, but with a new Buffy to discuss, it may be a bit longer.
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