June 20th, 2003

Asta 2

Feeling Much Better Now

Still a bit tired and I sound like Harvey Firestein (sp), but, other than that, I seem to be doing pretty good. And thanks for all the well wishes guys. :)

I would have actually gotten a decent nights sleep last night if not for some animal attempting to burrow it's way into my apartment. First I have birds in the vents and now God knows what trying to get into the walls. I decided it wasn't the best idea to go check at 1:00am fearing Rocky the Rabid Racoon lunging at me. Of course, my mother reassures me by saying it might be a rat. Great, and I hear the plague is making a comeback.

Now, I had quite an exciting discovery last night. I was watching 'Who Are You' on DVD when I saw a Spike moment I had never seen before. While I started watching the show during season 4 I wasn't the obsessed fan I am today so I missed eps during their original run. And we all know how FX likes to snip away at scenes. So I was shocked to disover there was more to Spike and Buffy/Faith's run in at the Bronze. After Faith gets Spike all revved up and walks away, Spike smashes his beer bottle into the wall,pushes a guy out of the way (causing his chip to fire), as he storms out of the Bronze. Very cool moment showing just how much anger Spike still had at his situation and at Buffy.

Speaking of cut scenes...anyone else find it frustrating when listening to the commentary having the writers describe scenes they had to cut because the show was running long and then not including them as extras? I thought DVD's were the venue to allow the writers, directors, etc to show work they couldn't the first time around. I wouldn't even care if they were just the rough cuts of the scenes, I think it would be fascinating to watch.
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