July 3rd, 2003

Asta 2

Me Rambling On

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I haven't had much to say the last few days. Still really don't, by I'll jot down some observations I've made.

I need to stop getting so damn frustrated with things, especially when they only appear not to be going well. Nothing like spending an hour and a half on fixing something, only to discover you had it fixed after the first five minutes of work...long, boring story.

Only look at spoilers on The Spoiler Slayer site. Do not read peoples overwrought and wild interpretations of them. (Before anyone panics - no news on Spike and it was only a casting report.)

I need to get Buffy off the brain. The disbursement code for Federal Express is FX, not FE. Yet, I insist on using FE. Well, maybe FedEx is evil.

Season 6 is better than I remembered (and I liked it the first time around :p). OK, As You Were is a mess. The Riley/Sam relationship is forced to say the least. Sam was horribly miscast. The 'Doctor' storyline was unecessary and left dangling. And even I have to admit Buffy's behavior in the ep was bizzare. I can understand where she is coming from in other eps, but not here.

Unfortunately, among all the badness and inconsistancies, a very important point was missed. I guess I picked up on it in light of recent comments made by James, Fury, Joss, etc. When Buffy ends her sexcapades with Spike she says (totally paraphrasing) that she wasn't holding the demon egg incident against him, that's just him and she should have remembered.

If the episode had been written better, it would have been easier to pic up on what ME was trying to reinforce about Spike and why this was not a good situation for Buffy. It reminds me of of something John Chrichton said to Aeryn on Farscape 'I'll trust you with my life, but not my heart'. At the point of AYW, Spike still had no moral compass, he acted without considering or caring about the consequences. Buffy, both as the Slayer and as a person, could not be with someone like that. Not until season 7 when he got the soul and was able to empathize and see himself through her eyes, could they realy be together.

So much for getting Buffy off my brain. :)
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