July 13th, 2003

Asta 2

The Weekend in Review

And this will be short due to a lingering headache.

Most things turned out better than expected this weekend. I went into work for a bit yesterday and actually got accomplished what I intended to get accomplished. Actually, I wish I could work on Saturdays and skip a weekday. I get so much more done without the constant interuptions and annoying, bitchy co-workers.

I thin went to a barbacue/belated wedding reception for Jon, a guy who use to work at the firm, who got married in New Zeeland back in March. I was somewhat dreading this because of the tension that currently exists between he and his mother (who also works at the firm and who I am also friends with) due to the wedding having taken place in New Zeeland as opposed to here like originally plan.

Sadly, the tension still exists and I have to place the blame with Donna (the mom) who went out of her way to be rude. Her daughter in law (not Jon's wife) tried to take family pictures and Donna flat out refused. She also refused to look at pictures from Jon's wedding. It's a long story, but I understood why she was upset back in March. Now she is just being petty and vindictive. If she doesn't let it go soon, Jon will have to make a choice and she won't be the winner.

Other than that though, I had fun. Talked to several people from work for quite awhile. Lots of people brought their babies so there was much cuteness. Also much chasing down of babies, but thankfully very little crying.

Today, I did my usual cleaning, some Buffy watching, and went to see Pirates of the Carribean. I was quite surprised - the movie was much better than expected. I tried to avoid reviews but I had heard that Johnny Depp was criticiized for his 'over the top' performance. Hello? His character was supposed to be over the top - there are even jokes about it in the movie.

And Orlando Bloom is now officialy on my 'To Do' list. ;) He looked good in LotR, but with his natural brown curly locks....wow! (Makes me want to see James quit bleaching even more.) Throw in a lovely thin sheen of sweat and the man has quite the screen presence. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for a good sword fight. The man looks quite amazing handling his, uh, I mean, a sword. ;)

Putting aside the eye candy, a very entertaining movie. Well plotted and acted, decently choreographed fight sequences, and both suspensful and humorous (without going overboard - no pun intended - on the humor). If you are looking for some good escapist fair, I'd recommend this film.
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