July 20th, 2003

Asta 2

Well, I Haven't Talked About Buffy in Awhile

I've been rewatching Season 7 of Buffy - two episodes a weekend - figuring I'd be finished by the time Angel premieres. Got a bit ahead of schedule this weekend and have now watched through Sleeper.

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ETA: chase820 just posted some interesting stuff about the Tampa Con. For some reason I thought James' son would be older. Oh, and I was right...again! (I love being right ;) James is shooting some of his stuff for Angel in advance because Joss was kind enough to release him to do the film. If this film will further James' career, I'm all for less Spike time. :)

Another ETA: Just finished watching Dead Zone. What the frell? Next week Johnny helps hunt down Osama? Puh-leeze. In the premier he faced down a tornado. Last week he stopped a 21st century plague. And now this?
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