July 22nd, 2003

Asta 2

Yet Again Pimping Selenak's LJ

selenak had some marvelous links to other LJ's this morning. One informing me that James, DB, and Drew Goddard have done a commentary track for Lies My Parents Told Me. All together now...."Yippee!" and "Woo Hoo!".

And then there is a brilliant analysis/comparison of Superstar and Storyteller by andrastewhite. jonsiexxx, I think you'll especially appreciate the post. :) Some of the thoughts tie into your own.
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Asta 2

Some Interesting Con Tidbits

So, I'm perusing various Con reports. Unfortunately, a lot of it is the same old information we've heard from every other Con. I don't blame James. Can I please beg of people to stop asking him about season 6? It's over with folks, please move on.

But, there were a couple of interesting things about James film career (past and future) I hadn't heard before. First off, the reason Spike had to obtain his soul in Africa was due to Joss writing him out of the show so he could play the villain (Picard's clone)in Star Trek: Nemesis. For some reason, James ended up not getting the part. Not a great film, but not a bad one either, and it couldn't have hurt his career.

As for Venetian Heat, apparently, neither Sean Bean nor Derek Jacobi will be his love interest, but do play a soldier and priest respectively. I love Derek, but may I say Yay! to him not being the love interest. Curious to know who will be cast in that role though if it's not Sean (who must be the love interest of the wife).
Asta 2

New LJ Customization

Thanks to jidabug I came to find out that LJ has a whole slew of new customization options. :) No more Refried Paper! Just go here Customize and start playing. And it's incredibly easy. So much for studying all the nuances of Storyteller tonight. Me and my LJ toys. :)

OK, so I've now watched the first 20 minutes of Nip/Tuck. Who decided that bombarding viewers with shock value equaled creativity and originality? I've lost track of how many times they've used 'shit' and 'asshole' in lieu of writing actual dialogue. Then there's the supposed cheap thrill of watching naked sweaty people having sex. But to make it different they cross cut that with clothed people having really boring, bad sex. And since it's about plastic surgeons, we have to have prolonged scenes of people getting sliced and diced. Bored Now.
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