August 5th, 2003

Asta 2

At Least This Has Given Me Something to Write About…

Kerfuffle #103, or is it #104?

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more wacky in fandom – the bar is lowered! I’m envisioning it now, people perusing the net….More U.S. soldiers wounded in Iraq…Terrorist threat elevated….Vote on first openly gay Bishop indefinitely postponed….OMG! There are icons in support of Buffy! I must act now! You know what I want for an icon? That picture of Anya with the baseball bat and a caption reading 'My fandom wants to beat your fandom with a bat'. :p

Anyone remember when watching and discussing your favorite shows was fun? I always thought television was supposed to be entertaining. Silly me. I just don’t get watching a show you hate or go on and on about how unhappy it makes you. I think around the time Scully uttered the words “I’m pregnant” was when I called it quits being an XPhile. Didn’t care to watch a once great show dissolve into a great big pile of goo that closely resembled one of the many alien races I lost track of. Yet, I can still go back and look at the truly great episodes and recall why it is I loved that show and still do in many respects.

I understand being critical, the more I love a show the more critical my eye is in watching it, I just don’t get all the negativity. The X-Files lasted three years too long. The fourth season of Farscape was a mess early on. The final season of Buffy does have plot holes and could have had a stronger story arc. Paramount should have quit churning out Dreck, I mean, Trek after DS9. Yet, I can still find a lot to love about these shows. If I couldn’t, well, I hear there are about 200 other channels with alternate viewing choices.

If it wasn’t for some very good friends I’ve made through fandom, I swear, I’d just chuck the whole online community thing and just go back to watching by myself and drawing my own conclusions without all the headaches. Ah, good times.

As for other news….thanks to abbagirl I was able to watch the pilot for Tru Calling last night. Not a bad show, but not a great one either. The best way to describe it is ‘Early Edition’ meets ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Run Lola Run’. ED isn’t bad and I can see why she chose this over the Buffy spinoff. Tru (with the exception of the high kicks ;) is the opposite of Faith. Yet, I had this nagging feeling that maybe she should have opted for the spinoff. There’s nothing extraordinary about Tru Calling and it’s downright cliché ridden at times. Still, for a society that seems to like unexceptional programming that requires you not have to think, who knows, it may find an audience.

Oh, and look at my pretty new icon courtesy of very talented wisteria_. ;)