August 13th, 2003

Asta 2

The Week Thus Far....

To begin with, the insurance situation doesn't seem as bad as it first appeared. I feared I was going to get hit with a sizeable increase in my portion of the insurance premium. Instead, I will only be facing a small increase because I'm opting to go with the 80/20 plan as oppossed to the 100% coverage. I found out the 80/20 plan has an out-of-pocket cap of $800. $800 I may never have to spend vs having to pay an additional $500 up front for 100% coverage. Since I have enough savings to cover the $800 if need be, I'm going with saving on the monthly premiums and hoping for the best. Now, I can start looking at those DVD's I want to buy again. :)

Now, on to less important, random observations....

Dear people at The Gap, thanks to running those damn commercials every five minutes starring Madonna I may never step foot in your stores again. I know it was your intent to gain new business, but you have just annoyed me far too much to want to give you a dime of my money.

Early Season 3 episodes of Buffy (Anne, Dead Mans Party, Faith, Hope and Trick, Beauty & the Beasts, and Homecoming to be precise) pretty much blow. DMP is the only episode that has ever completely enraged me. I want Joyce and all the Scoobies to just shut up and die in that episode. And in FH&T, we get to see some of ED's worst acting ever as Faith suddenly turns into a big old wuss when confronted with the BB. Yeah, he killed your Watcher, wouldn't that warrant a little ass kicking by a Slayer? Then with B&tB, Buffy discovers Angel is back and we all get to suffer through their back and forth melodrama of a relationship for an entire year. I know the season gets better after these eps, but people who trash seasons 6&7 really need to take another look at some of these failures.

I finally read the July SFX last night. For the most part, nothing new. Until I get to Charisma's Q&A. Now I see why she won't be back next season. Nothing like screwing yourself over in, what, six questions? Yes, it's always a good career move to slam the man who gave you your big break.

Did any of my fellow Duranies hear that the original line up has reunited? Apparently they have an album coming out next year.

And for those of you fearing the attack of Blaster here's a site to go to to tell you what to do:

Microsoft Technet

For once in my life I'm happy to have antiquated software. For my fellow Windows 98 users, apparently, we are unafffected.

What really cracked me up today is I shocked the Hell out of one of our IS guys by just being aware of it. He started asking me questions about it. :) Meanwhile, they are still running virus scans on all our systems. It's made it a bitch to surf the net for my fic updates today. ;)
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Asta 2

Alias News...Sort of

Jennifer Garner has gone public and announced she is dating her co-star Michael Vartan. Can I just say...I Knew It! Should make watching Season 3 interesting.
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