August 14th, 2003

Asta 2

Power Outage

At approximately 4:30, my department at work heard about it. At 4:31 three of my co-workers assumed it was a terrorist attack. My response? "Well then this is a lame attack. Do they think they'll crush us by taking away our central air?"

As I'm driving home, the DJ has to mention that "so far" there is no evidence of a terrorist attack.

Now at home, Ted Koppel has reminded the audiance about a dozen times that this is not a terrorist attack - don't panic. Maybe if you stop bringing it up every three minutes people will.

I'm not stupid, I know we could be attacked again any day. But let's think about it. It's hot. People are using a lot of power to try to keep cool. The power grid is old. Sometimes shit just happens.

End of rant, I shall go watch Buffy now. :)
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Asta 2

2003 Northeastern Power Outage

Or whatever the Hell ABC news is choosing to call it. Personally, I think they need something catchier like 'Well, this blows 2003' or 'Where Your Tax Dollars Didn't Go'.

They are still reaffirming this was not a terrorist attack. Gee, thanks for confirming that when there wasn't a shred of evidence pointing to it to begin with.

Meanwhile we're blaming the Canadians and the Canadians are trying to blame us. The truth is it was all just a matter of time and it could have been prevented years ago.

And for how long do you think we'll be hearing about The Grid? Days, weeks, months? I'm guessing at least until Arnold finally comes up with a campaign platform. Which will probably be about a year into his term.

ETA: On a happier note, wisteria_ has some new icons posted. I think the one I chose is self explainatory.
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