August 26th, 2003

Asta 2

For Those I May Have Offended

As some of you may have noticed I list an e-mail addy on my User Information. It's an LJ addy that was set to direct e-mail to my work addy (the one I look at all day long). Now, until last week, I had no clue that it *wasn't* directing e-mail to my work addy. It was then I had changed my settings so I would be notified when someone responded to one of my posts. When I came to the conclusion that people were replying, but I was not being notified, I went in yesterday and changed my LJ addy to direct e-mails to my private addy. Presto - I started getting e-mails.

Apparently, due to a SPAM crackdown at work, the IS department decided to bounce any e-mails from LJ as junk mail. :( I wasn't aware of any of this until a conversation with drc1. So, if anyone has e-mailed me in the past couple months and didn't get a reply and think I'm a rude, evil bitca, my apologies. The situation is now rectified. :)

ETA: mrmonkeybottoms has some 'fun' new icons. :)
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Asta 2

I Was Inspired to Analyze

For those of you who don't know, I've been rewatching Season 7 this summer. I've been writing some thoughts down as I go in the hopes of doing one big ol' post once I've completed my viewing. But, while watching Lies My Parents Told Me the other night I had some thoughts I just feel compelled to share now. If you are so inclined...

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