August 28th, 2003

Asta 2

The VMA's

So, apparently when Brittany and Christina's pop stardom is over they can look forward to a successful career in the field of Go-Go dancing! And what does it say for today's Diva's that they are forced (allow themselves?) to play backup to Madonna? A woman, who, when it comes to performing, they could stand to learn from.

And just when I think Christina can't look any worse - she can! WTF? I don't know which was tackier, the black stringy hair or the spray on tan. It's sad really because unlike her counterpart, she can actually sing. Shame the talent is wasted.

As usual, I loved Chris Rock who isn't afraid to piss off everybody in the auditorium. And throwing a bone :) to writteninstars I have to give Justin 'Punkd's Bitch" Timberlake credit for being able to laugh at himself. And Eminem beating up a puppet? Funny...every...time.

Would somebody please tell Good Charlotte that trashing your equipment is so twenty years ago.

Seeing Jessica Simpson (unfortunately) reminded me...anyone catch an episode of she and her hubby's show Newlyweds on MTV? OMG. Why did he marry her - other than the obvious. Vapid, spoiled, and clueless doesn't begin to cover it. The one episode I saw she repeated every 30 seconds how spoiled she was and she couldn't understand why he refused to hire a maid to pick up after her. And since she's never done a load of laundry in her life, Mom offers to do it for her. Oh, yeah, this marriage is gonna last.

Oh, look, Jessica Alba is starring in a movie called Honey. Or, as the studio should have titled it - Glitter 2: We Didn't Learn the First Time.

ETA: Um, OK, MTV decides to surprise Duran Duran wuth a Lifetime Achievment Award? Maybe letting them know so they could have prepared something would have been nice? And not screwing up the video tribute. On the bright side, God, does John Taylor still look good.