September 3rd, 2003

Asta 2

TV Guide and Fandom

It's all connected...kinda. :p

Anyway, got back from the grocery store this evening with the new TV Guide. I immediately read the article (well, after stashing the frozen food in the freezer) and, while short, was quite interesting. A warning to those of you who want to be completely unspoiled for the show - Do Not Read until after the premiere. I'm actually slightly spoiled for some stuff at the beginning of the season and I came across a couple items I had no clue about. I will say what I read all sounded very intriguing.

As for fandom, I'm done with the kerfuffling. If you want to read a brilliant take on the whole situation go read canadia_bit's latest entry Here. She says it all better than I ever could hope to.
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