September 4th, 2003

Asta 2

First Spike Returns and Now Firefly

Woo Hoo! We are getting a feature film!


BACK TO THE FUTURE: It's official: Buffy sire Joss Whedon has signed a deal with Universal to turn his short-lived Fox series Firefly into a feature film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Whedon — who will pen the script — will make his big-screen directorial debut with the project. Shooting is expected to begin in early 2004 and it's Whedon's hope that the show's original cast will return.

I am waiting to here the bitching and complaining from fandom that Joss is abandoning Angel for a short-lived show that no one really cares about (except for the fans who really care about it). Or, we'll have those that are thrilled this will be taking up his time because he was going to ruin Angel like he did Buffy. My view? I've got Spike, I've got Firefly, I trust Joss, I'm happy. :)
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Asta 2

Oh What A Difference A Day Can Make

Feeling much calmer, saner, less bitchy - pick one - then I did yesterday.

Things began to look up last night upon finding the new TV Guide on the newsstands. This was followed up by a phone call from writteninstars about her good news. We can once again commiserate about work and whose job sucks more. :) YAY!

This morning I came upon the glorious news that we will be getting a Firefly feature film written and directed by Joss. I'll reiterate my Woo Hoo! from earlier today. I quickly moved over to LJ to post the good news and discover a complete lack of kerfuffling. Again, I Woo Hoo!

I was actually reminded today (without all the hostilities) why I like LJ. It was so nice just to be able to share information and post the random thought here or there. Plus, I came upon links to some terrific Buffy analysis...

onetwomany posted a lovely piece on being a Spike/Spuffy fan and what it means to her. I think many of us can identify with her feelings.

lynnb posted a link to an amazing article discussing season 6. I was overwhelmed by the authors take on the various themes and characters. I'm seriously rethinking many aspects of the season including the addiction storyline which I despised. He actually made some very valid points on why it was necessary.

This afternoon I found out I won two free passes to an advanced screening of Under the Tuscan Sun. I'm not 100% sure what the story is about, but I was recently wowed by Diane Lane's performance in Unfaithful and the cinematography looks incredible. And, well, it's *free*. :)

Now if only Nauti would update one of her fics, it will cap off a pretty decent day. Not that I'm trying to pressure her (can't rush brilliance), but every time I bring up her updating, it seems to happen. Much like "If you build it, they will come", if I think it, it will be happen. :)
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