September 15th, 2003

Asta 2

The Critic Returns

This weekend I finished listening to Fool Moon. From strictly a story standpoint, I have to say Storm Front was better written. Jim Butcher may have bitten off more than he could chew (no pun intended ;) ) in constructing the story for Fool Moon. My head was spinning trying to keep track of all the various types of werewolves. And the action sequences just went on…and on…and on. Far too wordy and graphic. How many different ways do you need to describe someone getting their guts ripped out? Ick.

As for James reading of the story, it was good though not quite as good as his reading of Storm Front imho. It’s my understanding that he only had two days to record Fool Moon which may explain why early in the reading his voice characterizations didn’t seem to mesh with those for Storm Front. And why there are several instances of him stumbling a bit over words.

I also cracked open my Angel Season 2 DVDs and made my way through the first eight episodes. Having not seen this episodes since they originally aired a lot of what I was watching was practically new too me. And I found myself beginning to analyze certain episodes -something I have never done with Angel before. Knowing what is to come after season 2 and with Buffy now ended, I found there is quite a bit to compare and contrast between the two shows.

I was also reminded as to why I used to like Angel. Yes, use to like. Last season was either a love it or hate it season for fans and I hated it. If not for the addition of a certain vamp I’m not even sure I would have watched this coming season. Still, with Spike’s presence I’m hoping we get back the much needed snark and humor that was missing last season as well as a return to, what I think is a more enjoyable balance between a season long arc and stand alone episodes.

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