September 23rd, 2003

Asta 2

I haven't posted in a week, now I must rant....

I have to thank my chatroom buddies for being around earlier this evening. At least temporarily, they took my mind off my sucky day. Where else can you discuss penis enlargement, rappers, haggis, and Angel doing the hussel? Yes, we are a strange lot. :)

I make mistakes at work, I admit it. I probably could make fewer than I do if I could actually concentrate for longer than twenty minutes at a time on what I am supposed to be doing. My job is A LOT of data entry. Hardly challenging or interesting, so, my mind wanders. Usually to the internet. ;) I tell myself I sould be concentarting but, somedays, it's just too mind numbingly boring to do so.

But, on the other hand, we're human, we all make mistakes regardless. Unfortunately I work with people who seem to believe they are immune to that. So even though I enter hundreds of codes, numbers, and narratives every day, and out of the thousands I enter over the course of a month, the few errors I do make need to be pointed out to me and I have to be instructed to be more careful. Gee, and I wasn't even thinking about being careful before!

And when I point out again that I'd be more than happy to fix my mistakes if only they'd show me how to do it in the system I get a "That's not the point". Then what is exactly?! I suppose getting down on my hands and knees pleading for forgiveness is? Or perhaps trying to belittle me? Because I fail to see how pointing out random errors that happen a few times a month that are usually the result of reversing a couple of numbers is really going to accomplish anything...other than your lame ass power trip.

Funny thing is, the lecture is only going to fall on my deaf ears. Have I cost the firm money? Have I embezzeled funds? Do I not get my work done everyday? Have I done anything worthy of being fired? Uh, no, and my boss thinks I'm wonderful (which may be part of the problem - he likes me better than the co-workers who point out said errors). And if I get fed up and quit, well, guess what? The firm is under a hiring freeze. Let's see how many mistakes are made when they have to do their work and mine.

OK, there is my rant for the day. And it's not Buffy related! BTW, I apparently am in the minority. It's Tuesday, it's the start of a new television season, and there are no new episodes. Somehow this doesn't bother me in the least. I love the show dearly. But having witnessed The X-Files go on far too long and Farscape being robbed of concluding it's story arc, Buffy being allowed to end on it's own terms and in a satisfying way makes me happy. Besides, less angst and my Tuesdays are free again!

Anyone else watching Carnivale get a Twin Peaks meets American Gothic vibe? I'm not addicted to it yet, but I could potentially see it happening as more pieces of the puzzle are revealed.
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