September 25th, 2003

Asta 2

Guess who saw Episode 2 of Angel today?

Yes, I have seen the second episode of Angel. :) I’ll go into much greater detail behind the cut tag in a moment. Let me say a few non-spoilery things. First off, as most of you know, I hated last season of Angel. Secondly, I had trepidation’s about Spike joining the cast of Angel. Now, what I saw today, I liked - a lot. I have hope that I will enjoy this season. And Spike’s role in it. I think ME came up with a nice balance in regards to Spike’s characterization. Enough so that I believe most (but not all, because all of fandom can never be happy ;) people will satisfied.

On a related note I learned two days things today. One - spoilers are evil. Several spoilers I’ve seen turned out to be just plain wrong; others misinterpreted. Two - don’t listen to James when he talks about Spike. His acting is brilliant, his interpretations of
Spike’s psyche, not so much. ;p

Now, before I get to the good stuff, a follow up on the bitchy co-worker situation. Yesterday, the firm held her wedding shower. The really interesting thing about firm events like this, you find out just how well someone is liked. In this case, not so much. :) The room was not crowded, and the gifts few. Literally. There were three - one from the firm, one from our department, and one from the secretaries on our floor. The firm got her several pieces from the china collection she registered for. My department? Hell, I don’t like her and I was willing to chip in twenty bucks. But, her ‘friends’ in the department decided $5-$7 was fair. Yes, I did type that correctly. Actually it ended up be a whopping $8.50. The look on her face when she opened her box of towels...priceless. :) Her verbalization was just as rewarding. “Towels....more towels.....and more towels...and...that’s it”. Hee. Apparently, she was searching for the good gift at the bottom of the box. The final present from the floor consisted of gardening supplies. A watering can, gloves, pruners, a tool caddy, and a (small) box of Miracle Gro. They say what goes around comes around. I just didn’t think it would come around this damn fast.

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