September 28th, 2003

Asta 2

The End of Another Craptacular Week

As usual, I didn't accomplish nearly what I wanted to this weekend. In large part becauses I planned to be home most of yesterday and ended up out most of the day instead.

I still haven't found the James SFX on the newstands which should have been out by now. Apparently the girl in charge of magazines at Barnes & Noble cannot recall seeing it and she knows who James Marsters is so I'm hoping it's just delayed and will be in next week.

On Thrusday, the firm had a party. I didn't attend the offsite activities at a local bar. Seems two of the newer associates (she's married) decided to make out in the bar in front of a great number of people. Neither showed up for work on Friday. Great career move (he's already been warned about subpar work). Should be interesting to see them tomorrow.

Why do I mention all this? Turns out the little hussy had hit on another associate a while back. An associate I have the hots for! Luckily, he didn't disappoint me. Seems the guy has some morals and turned her down. But, why does someone who has a husband insist on screwing things up for those that don't! Now I'm wondering if he seems so intimidated by me because of her prior behavior towards him. Probably thinks he's the target of every woman in the office now. Ack. Well, I'm not giving up yet. He's too dn cute and sweet. :)

Least Sunday is ending fairly well. I saw Lost in Translation this afternoon and it lived up to the hype. I've always loved Bill Murray. His facial expressions alone can have me laughing uncontrolabely.

And Alias premieres tonight. Much like Angel, I look forward to this with great joy and fear. I just know I'll have my guts ripped out (again) by the end of the evening.
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