October 6th, 2003

Asta 2

My Weakness for Actors Who Sing

I think it all started with Hugh Jackman. After seeing him in X-Men, I set about finding anything he performed in. Luckily for me, one of the cable stations was running Paperback Hero, a cute little romantic comedy in which he performed Roy Orbison's 'Crying'. At the time I was shocked at what a good voice he had and, upon researching a bit, discovered the man had performed in three musicals. So enamored did I become with his singing that, in two weeks, I'll be seeing him in The Boy From Oz. :)

Last night I was watching my Angel Season 2 DVD's and finished the evening up with one of my fav's - Dead End. The episode has so many highlights (the gang's horror at the thought of Angel having to sing is priceless)and showcases the chemistry between Angel and Lindsey (no, not that kind of chemistry, get your minds out of the gutter people). And DB was able to show he can do more then brood. I hope this season they let him be funny more often.

But, the revelation for me was Christian Kane's singing. I had forgotten how good he was. So, I went into research mode (again) and guess what I found? He has an album out with his band Kane (yeah, I know, real original name :p). On the downside - for me - is that it's heavily influenced by country music. I'm not usually a fan of country, but the samples I listened to weren't bad and for $9.99 I figured I'd give it a try. If anyone is interested, you can find the website Here.

Oh, and an interesting line of dialogue I picked up on in Dead End. As far as I know, ME didn't have the changes for season 5 in mind back in season 2. But, Lindsey's parting words to Angel seem particularly intriguing in light of Angel's new situation with W&H:

Key to Wolfram & Hart - don't let them make you play their game, you gotta make them play yours?

So, the question is, who is playing who this season?
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