November 7th, 2003

Asta 2

Well, I Haven't Done This In Awhile

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On an unrelated note, DB Woodside, at an appearance In Dublin this week, responded to some questions regarding season 7. I had already heard that he was supposed to be bumped off by mid season. And it's nice to hear SMG had something to do with saving his job. But the stuff about being a love interest for Buffy and his death adding to her depression? Um, yeah, sure, whatever.

So, in addition to resolving her relationship with Spike, ME considered having Buffy be romantically involved with Wood and/or Xander in the shows final year. Slut!

Seriously though, I got to love how DB Woodside and NB both in the past week have tried make out how pivotal they could have been. Get over it guys, shows over.

I think my favorite part was DB explaining that he was MIA for four episodes mid season while ME rethought the arc. Interesting, since, according to Jane Espensen, it came to her in bed one night to make Wood Nikki's son. And, from the way I understood it, that idea came to her relatively early in the season.
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