November 13th, 2003

Asta 2

Resisting the temptation to look

Seems a lot ot people liked this weeks Angel. And I'm dying to know why. But, I'm also trying to be good. I know next to nothing about last night's ep and attempting to remain 'pure' until I can see it this evening.

As for what I do Wednesday nights because I can't watch or discuss Angel...flipped back and forth between The West Wing and The O.C. I definitely think something is wrong with TWW's writing when The O.C. comes off as more realistic. :p

And could someone clarify something for me? How old are those kids on The O.C. supposed to be? I swear I heard Seth say 16 and I just about fell off the couch.

I also continue to watch Enterprise. Though God only knows why. Oh, wait, Trip. ;) If it wasn't for him I'd have quit at the start of the season what with Rick Berman never having met a cliche he didn't like, turning every enemy the human race has ever faced into an ally, and Scott Bakula's constant looks of constipation which is meant to signal a crisis I guess.

Anyway, after watching the promo for next week, and knowing how misleading UPN promos can be (and, yes folks, this one was very misleading), I went online to search for any info on upcoming eps. Collapse )

Oh, I caved in and bought extra icons. I blame _jems_ who I just discovered. I don't think I'll use 50, but it saves me from having to add and delete all the time.

And I redid the color scheme for my LJ. I'm pretty happy with it though I may tinker a bit more.
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