November 21st, 2003

Asta 2

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Ten Shocking Revelations About Me That Fly In The Face Of Fandom...

1. I was not happy to hear that James was joining the cast of Angel.

2. I liked Kennedy - just not with Willow

3. I adore Season 4

4. I liked Riley - just not with Buffy

5. The only time I ever really enjoyed DB on Buffy is when he was Angelus.

6. I was happy when Joyce died, it meant she was off the show - she always annoyed me

7. About ME...Joss does not thrive on screwing over the fans, Fury does not hate Spike, and Marti did not ruin the show

8. I think the AR was a valid storytelling decision

9. I don't get what people find so fascinating about Restless

10. I Love Buffy Summers!...and she loves Spike. :)

ETA: Something cousinjean wrote made me remember one more thing I believe that many don't. So, I'm breaking the rules and adding a #11. :p

11. Spike *did* go to Africa to get his soul back. That is all....
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