November 25th, 2003

Asta 2


Sorry, I needed to scream. I can't remember the last time I was this exhausted and mentally drained by work. Other than some short LJ breaks, I worked nine hours straight. Mostly at the computer entering one invoice after another. End of the month AND a short week...Hell.On.Earth.

My mind was mush by 4:00. I couldn't think. Yet, my co-worker Kathy insisted on going over an expense reimbursement (one that could wait until Monday) with me and how to expens the costs. I told her I couldn't think straight, so what's her solution? Stand there and stare at me. Luckily Sheryl intejected or I swear I think I would have snapped.

To make things even better, tomorrow looks to be just as bad. :(

As for happier things....

* I haven't commented on Alias. I really don't have much to say. I enjoyed it and loved some of the interaction between the characters, but storywise it seems to have been a bridge to what happened last week and what will happen next week.

* I tried my experimental cheesecake recipe. It seems to have been a smashing success (plus, buttering up the lawyers, always a plus ;). I think I'm going to tweak it slightly (a little more creame cheese, a little less toffee), but I think Mom will like it.

* I'm about 90% done with Christmas shopping. I either have the gifts in my possession or they are on route to me. My friend Stacey I'm still at a loss as to what to get her. I'm not willing to resort to a gift certificate yet. And I have one other person I feel compelled to get one more thing for. Though, I'm not sure what. :p

* Since I'm feeling all warm and friendly, I think I shall also be more adventerous and start adding people to my IM. Baby steps though, since I'm *really* not that outgoing and I don't plan on being on IM anymore than I already am - which ain't much. :p

* X2 came out on DVD today! Woo Hoo!!! I also picked up No Doubts greatest hits CD. I hate being one of those people that don't own a single one of there albums but buys the greatest hits CD. But, it was only $9.99, how do they expect me to resist?!

* Think I'll tape 24 tonight and watch later. I need lighter fair tonight. Hugh in a tank top should do the trick. ;)

* And while it sucks that they'll be no new Angel eps until January, it gives us all plenty of time to rewatch and analyze. Not to mention, it frees up time for me to watch the Buffy Season 5, Firefly, and Alias Season 2 DVDs due next month. :)
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