November 29th, 2003

Asta 2

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I see everyone else who celebrated Thanksgiving has already posted their stories of the day. Mine was uneventful. I was too exhausted Wednesday night to do any baking so I resigned myself to doing it Thursday morning. After doing the baking, the clean up, and the laundry while listening to Bryan Singer's commentary on my X2 DVD I sat down to watch some Alias eps (more on this in a moment).

I finally left around 4:00 to go to Mom's and arrived at quarter after. I was then asked why I always showed up at 4:15. Probably because I'm stalling since I don't want to spend all day there. :p Anyway, we watched Oklahoma and some episodes of The Jack Benny Show on DVD. I haven't seen the show in years so it was nice to see Mr Benny again.

Dinner was good (ham and veggies) and the cheesecake was a big hit. While flipping through some ads for post holiday sales I casually mentioned that since DVD players are so cheap now I was debating on getting one for the TV in the computer room. About five minutes pass and then she blurts out "You know, I was considering getting one for you for Christmas" and proceeds to get upset because I mentioned it and ruined the surprise. I countered that she just volunteered the information. Her reasoning was because I would have gone out and got one myself. I asked her when I have ever made a quick decision on a fairly major purchase (answer - never) and it probably would have been weeks before I got one. She claimed that wasn't true, I claimed it was (you can imagine how long this went on). So, looks like I'll be getting a DVD player for Christmas. I figure while I'm online I can rewatch Farscape from the beginning as I've been itching to do.

Friday I didn't do much but lounge about. Went through some catalogs looking for last minute Christmas gifts; continued to do laundry; continued to plow through Season 1 of Alias; and managed to catch The Good Girl on HBO. The movie was good, but not quite what I expected.

Today I ventured to the post office to get shipping supplies and stamps. Now all I have to do is get started on my Christmas cards. And I *really* need to get them done this week if I intend for my friends overseas to actually get them before the holidays.

I then proceeded to the mall which was not as hellish as expected. Didn't find anything for me, but did get Stacey's gift taken care of and discovered that Pirates of the Caribbean is coming out this Tuesday. I swear I thought it was originally due the 16th.

When I got home I watched the last three episodes of Alias. Finished with time to spare before Season 2 comes out on Tuesday. :) Collapse )

Tonight was an utter disaster. Stacey, her husband Henry, and her cousin Andy (who was being even more of an ass than usual), and I were supposed to see a sneak peek of The Last Samurai. What I didn't know was it was playing in only one theatre in town and was sold out by the time we got there. Stacey refused to pick another movie so we all loaded back in the car with no one agreeing on what to do next. We ended up back at my apartment where for the next couple hours Henry said little, Andy made idiotic comments (including insulting my drawing of James), and Stacey flipped through my magazines. We did talk a bit about Angel and the X-Men franchise - those were the highlights of the evening.

Now I think I shall go listen to some of the commentary on my Alias DVD's. I started listening to the cast commentary on the season finale and it was quite funny. Bradley Cooper seems to enjoy insulting everyone. And I get the sneaking suspicion this may have been recorded after Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner started dating. He seems to enjoy teasing her (at one point I think she tells him to shut up in French :).
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