December 9th, 2003

Asta 2

I'll probably regret doing this, but I must....

I hate getting involved in political discussions mostly because I'm not very political myself and really couldn't defend myself properly if drawn into a 'debate'. Having said that, I do find myself, if nothing more for more parents sake, defending Republicans.

For those of you that don't know, on LJ and on the boards it's been shockingly! revealed that Emma Caufield is a Republican. From some of the reactions I've seen you'd think she revealed herself to be a child molester as opposed to a conservative.

I think my breaking point came when I saw someone make a comment about how they thought she was intelligent. :( This brings me back to my parents, two very intelligent people who *gasp* were/are Republicans. And while they may have voted predominately for Republicans that does not mean they bought into the entire party line. They happened to be two of the most open minded people I know who had some very 'liberal' ideas in certain matters. I was fortunate enough to be brought up in such an environment and feel they are largely responsible for the very non-conservative person I am today. (Myself I consider an Independent politically because I disagree with a two party system of government).

Sorry to get on a soap box folks. And, really, this has nothing to do with anyone on my friends list or anything any one individual said. It just angered me to see people say they couldn't like her anymore or thought less of her simply because of her political leanings. I don't agree with half of what comes out of James mouth. Do I still admire him for his talent? Yes. Would I still have sex with him? Hell Yes!!!

Here endth my rant....
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