December 12th, 2003

Asta 2

The Week I've Had

The good this week: talked to writteninstars Monday, chatted after far too long with jennipher, managed to get nearly all my cards and packages mailed out, and received in the mail Season 2 of Alias, Season 5 of Buffy, and Firefly. That's 57 hours of TV viewing! You can guess what I'll be doing this weekend. AT least up until the Survivor finale.

The bad....where to begin. How about the end? I worked from 8 until 7 tonight. Working past 5 was my choice. I did not want to go in tomorrow and I would have been swamped on Monday. And, shockingly, it was not one of those days I was wasting time at work - just one crappy thing after another coming up.

Wednesday had to be the real highlight though. My boss invited the department to a lunch at the University Club upstairs. Sure, there were going to be Christmas Carols which I loathe, but, hey, free lunch! Everything was fine for about 40 minutes. It's the last 20 or so that have traumatized me.

Turns out the singers were a Christian accapella(sp) group. Not a problem. I may not be the most religious person, but I'm very open to all faiths and actually enjoy discussions regarding religion. Myself, I tend to look at faith with an analytical eye (I know, that sounds contradictory). But, I digress...

Where I almost lost it was when one of the singers began to talk about the moment his life changed. Or the 'Uh-Oh' moment. I really don't want to relive the ordeal so I'll give the short version. He proceeded to tell us how his sister had revealed "the truth" to him about the word of God and the Bible. That we are all guilty of sin (well, that I will agree with), that all sins are equal (nope) and why we all deserve death (deserve? It's inevitable). Um, yeah, sorry I have to say I think I'm a better person than the woman I heard about on the news the other day who murdered her three kids.

He went on with his sermon for at least ten minutes (I was curious to know if there were any non-Christians in the room, who gee, may have taken offense to many things including the constant mentions of Christ). After that we were to bow are heads in prayer, say "YES!" to God, and give our lives over to him. Then we were told to fill out cards with our name, address, and e-mail addy so they could contact us for further guidance. At this point I wanted to ask what religion, or cult, they represented exactly.

TC and I were the only two that refused to fill out the cards. We have our beliefs, thank you, and we don't need to be indoctrinated into anyone elses. Course, the hardest part of it all may have been stifling our laughter. After all the talk of the true meaning of Christmas and giving of oneself, they had to let everyone know that you could buy a copy of their CD at the back of the room. I kid you not.

OK, I'm sure I had much more to say but I am far too exhausted right now to think anymore. Plus I need to rest up for the Christmas decorating tomorrow. Joy to the world...
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