December 21st, 2003

Asta 2

My Weekend Recap...

...AKA Why I Can't Be Bothered to Post Everyday :D

On Friday we had (to my knowledge at least) the first ever Firm update meeting. Now, this may sound incredibly boring but it was actually quite entertaining. Our managing partner dressed as Santa (OK, that was kind of weird) and the 'Not So Silent Partners' (a trio of attorney-musicians) and the 'Spouse Girls' (the wives of said attorneys) performed. We got an updated version of 'Taco in the Sky' which recounts the trials (literally ;), tribulations, and victory in the Taco Bell case. There was also 'Al DeYonker' a tribute to the beforementioned managing partner set to the tune of 'Deperado' complete with a plea for him to "come to his senses". :)

After that we got actual information as to what new directions the firm is going into in the coming year. At least one of which I think is ethically, if not legally, questionable.

The meeting wrapped up with Santa telling all us good little girls and boys how proud the firm is of us. And that not only had we helped the firm to meet it's budget cuts this past year, we exceeded it by double. As a thanks, the firm was passing along these additional saving to the employees in the form of a second year end bonus. Enter stunned silence from the room. Granted, we all knew this to be an attempt at boosting moral after nearly of year of resentment about the cuts. Well, guess what? It worked! Apparently I can be bought for $258 after taxes. :)

On Saturday I went into work partially to work and partially just to use the computer to catch up on personal stuff. I made a concerted effort to read all the latest LJ entries on my Friends list. I've had so little time lately I've had to skim more than I like. Though, rest assured, I do actually look at everyones entries.

After I got home I spent a good part of the rest of the day cleaning. Since Mom will be spending Christmas here, I want the place to look both festive and clean. I did stop for a bit to watch more of Season 2 of Alias. My crush on Mr Vartan continues to grow. And I have come to the conclusion he needs to smile on the show more. He's just so damn adorable when he does that. :)

I also had the pleasure of talking with writteninstars for quite some time on the phone. We both bitched about work, the holidays, compared notes on what we got everyone else for Christmas (though she almost slipped and said what she got me!), and briefly discussed the Con in Oakland. Suffice it to say there is no way in Hell we are springing for any $1000 platinum package. We won't even consider the $250 gold package until we find out what that includes and who else is going to be there. We'd both love to see San Francisco (and meet you ascian3 ;), but we could do that some point in the future without benefit of a very pricey Con. Plus, as we so often think alike, it seems we have both started considering buying new computers. Damn the sinister attraction of shiny new technology.

And my apologies to you, mirandaflynn, we got so caught up talking we completely missed chat. :(

I'm sure I have more to say, but I still have so much to do yet today - laundry (as usual), oven cleaning (blegh), gift wrapping, and deciding on what changes to make to my 401K. The firm revamped our program, just gave us the info packages last week, and changes are due by Noon tomorrow. Joy.

Oh, and because I like to know that my cards arrived to their destination, here's a list (as of Saturday) of everyone I've received one from thus far....Jidabug, Jonesie, Miranda, The Goyle, Lynn & Cindy, Anna, OOT, Christine, Jennipher, Dkellergrl, Onetwomany, Ascian, and Tissa. Thank you all. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort. :)
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