December 26th, 2003

Asta 2

Christmas Day 2003

Let me begin at the end and say I've enjoyed reading accounts of everyone's Christmas Day (and for those across the international dateline - the day after Christmas). It sounds as if good times were had be all. Or, at least, no one deemed it necessary to kill a relative or two. ;)

My day began late - around 11:30 - when I finally rolled out of bed after hearing my mother leave a message on my answering machine. I went on a cleaning spree last night and didn't crawl into bed until 2:00am. Unfortunately, as expected, I woke up with cramps. So I immediately went for the drugs and some food to take them with. I then called back Mom to find out she'd be over shortly. Luckily, the place was very tidy and all I need to do was jump in the shower and take out the garbage I packed up the night before.

Mom arrived around 12:30 with my brand spanking new DVD player in hand. Woo Hoo! After she brought in the rest of the prezzies, food, and other miscellaneous items, I sliced open the DVD box. I quickly discovered it was a five disc DVD changer. Another Woo Hoo! At this point I'm thinking of swapping this one for the one I have in the living room which only plays a single disc. Apparently, almost all DVD players are now coming this way, in large part due to the studios putting out so many boxed sets and people not wanting to get up all the time to change discs. Being one of the consumers who avidly buys boxed sets I appreciate this logic. :)

Not wanting to bore her with watching me rewire my audio/video equipment, I put the player aside (hesitantly) and we proceeded to spend the next several hours just chatting about various subjects. Around four she mentioned I had only opened the DVD player and none of my other gifts. She also pointed out that she was quite disturbed there were more gifts for he than me. On the other hand, she spent a heck of a lot more than I did. :p

Anyway, most of our gifts followed tradition. I received two M&M cookie jars and an M&M dispenser to add to my ever growing collection. I also got a coffee mug (I collect thosse too) with logos from all the shows currently on Broadway and a matching Christmas ornament. Plus, I got a check for $100. The giving of cash was something she and my Dad had started doing years ago and she felt compelled to continue to do it. I can envision my father saying "I'm dead and yet you're still spending my money!" It's funny, really.

I got her a slew of kitchen stuff, the Seabiscuit DVD, a Mark Maguire figure (she's a fan), a 2004 calender (the one year I didn't do this I got bitched at the entire day), a flannel shirt (another tradition), and a piece of 'End of Day' glass to add to her collection. You should have seen her go on and on about it, proclaiming it the most beautiful piece she now owns. Ironically it's also one of the cheapest pieces she now owns. :p

After all that I cooked dinner which turned out fine except I over-cooked the broccoli (typical). We watched the Hugh Jackman interview with Charlie Rose while eating. Hugh is amazingly articulate and at ease with himself. And I find out he has aspirations to perform Shakespeare! He'll probably be damn good at that too.

Wrapped up the evening by talking some more while watching Rear Window and totally trashing Grace Kelly's reputation. Hee.

Mom left around 10:30. I get a call around 11:00. There were two messages on her machine from a friend of hers, apparently rather belligerent ones because she didn't show up at his house with his gifts (greedy much?). Suffice it to say she was steamed (she never even made plans to go there today specifically because he has been very sick this past week) and needed to vent. There was even a threat to burn the posters she bought him when we were in NY. I reminded her she owned a shredder and that would be easier. ;) I doubt she'll actually do it, but he's been giving her headaches for weeks and this sounds as if it's the final straw.

So, that was my exciting day. It ends with me perusing e-mail and LJ (thanks for the e-card CJ and your thoughts on my previous post - I hope you had a nice day too :). Now I think I shall head to bed and get an early start on hooking up my new DVD player. Then I shall load it up with all my Firefly discs and let the watching commence. :)
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