December 28th, 2003

Asta 2


After having spent a large part of the weekend watching Firefly, I'm left a bit saddened by the realization of what we have been deprived of. Maybe it wouldn't have run for seven seasons, but I'm overwhelmed contemplating how many stories there were left to tell.

Firefly is one of the few programs where I have liked and cared about *all* the characters. Sure, my shippy heart wants to know when and how Inara and Mal and Simon and Kahlie hook up and now I never will. But, what also struck me (which I wasn't afforded the opportunity to catch before) was the relationship between Jayne and Book. Or the fact that River, though clearly still a very troubled girl, was improving little by little.

I have some more thoughts that may be spoilery if you haven't seen all the episodes yet, so they are Collapse )

I might have some more observations later after I listen to the commentaries. I'm fascinated to know if there are any hints as to what might have been.
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