February 18th, 2004

Asta 2

Well, let the kerefuffles begin!

Two bits of Angel info from the TV Guide website:

HIGH STAKES: Angel fans may be deeply divided as to whether or not a certain Slayer should play a part in the show's series finale in May, but exec producer Joss Whedon isn't: He wants Sarah Michelle Gellar back. "We'll put out some feelers [again] to see if there's some interest there," he told TV Guide Online in an interview last night. "We'd certainly love to have her." But Gellar nixed an earlier offer to guest-star on Angel this season and Whedon says he isn't "banking" on her changing her mind. Still, we have to ask: If the Chosen One were to reappear in the Buffyverse, which of her undead loves would she be returning for — Spike or Angel? "You think I'm going to tell you that? I'm not going to tell you that," Whedon says. "If she were to come back it would be to answer that question."

OK, first response: EEEEEEE!!!!!! Second: But what if it's to choose Angel? NOOOOO!!!!

MORE HIGH STAKES: In other Angel news, rumors that the axed WB drama could follow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's footsteps and put down stakes at rival network UPN are just that — rumors. "We've talked about the possibility," Whedon says, "but it's a longshot." A UPN spokeswoman had no comment, but an Angel insider confirms that execs at 20th Century Fox (Angel's producer) are putting together a proposal for UPN.

UPN? Well, they are thinking of axing Enterprise. It would free up some money.
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Asta 2

Two Brief Observations on The O.C.

I love how shows begin with the creators/network basically telling us which character or couple is going to be *the one* to watch. Then, after a few weeks, the audiance discovers the real breakout stars. :)

I was reminded of that tonight watching (or not watching) Ryan and Marissa. Instead, I was endlessly entertained by the Cohen clan. Sandy, I adore you. Valentine's Day is *not* a holiday and *is* the creation of the greeting card and candy industries. Thank you for voicing my feelings. :)

Tomorrow I shall try to post my thoughts on Angel as soon as I possibly can. I'm sure you are all dying to know which side of the fence I will fall on. ;)

My last post has 35 comments? How the Hell did that happen??? I think I have a new record! :)
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