March 26th, 2004

Asta 2

Um, Can't Really Think of A Subject Line

Why didn't I know that Krispy Kreme had a chocolate covered, carmel filled donut before today? Why?!?! As you may be able to tell, it was very yummy. Lynn/Cindy we WILL be stocking up on these in May. ;)

writteninstars e-mailed me at work this morning to taunt me with the fact she was watching Dawson's Creek featuring a guest appearance by my tiny Texan, Christian Kane. My dear, sweet, kind, considerate, generous (have I sucked up enough? ;) friend is sending me a copy of the ep. Apparently he's shirtless in a hot tub at one point. Nuff said.

And now...TV thoughts!

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Did I hear right? The show is moving to Thursdays? Is this a good thing?

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Tomorrow I'm seeing Jersey Girl and Sunday a sneak peak of The Prince & Me. The latter wasn't on my list of must see movies, but I reserve the right to humor Stacey's whims once in a while.
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