April 3rd, 2004

Asta 2

Touching Evil

If anyone comes across any Touching Evil icons, point me in their direction. Thanks in advance. :)

And writteninstars and reckleslinguist, if you didn't watch tonight, if you didn't tape it, two words: BRADLEY COOPER!!!

He was on and looks to be coming back. For any other Alias/Bradley fans who care to see him, the ep will air again Saturday at 10:00am and Sunday at 10:30pm and 12:30am (all times Eastern).

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ETA: I found icons! Apparently there are communities for everything. :)
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Asta 2

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Why is it every time I spend a day away from the computer all the big news breaks?

Wonderfalls cancelled.

Buffy did love Spike.

Ficlets here, there, and everywhere.

And _jems_ posted a bazillion new icons today. OK, I might be exagerating a little, but she did many in celebration of the Spuffy love. :)

Ironically, I was contemplating posting about fandom today. Not the Buffy fandom exclusively, but I was thinking about all my fandoms and my envolvement, or lack there of, in them. Maybe later this week. Tomorrow I'm off to see Hellboy. Hopefully it's more in line with X-Men than Daredevil.
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