April 4th, 2004

Asta 2

Sunday Recap

Yesterday I was in quite a foul mood. I don't know why exactly, but I couldn't muster up the interest or strength to do much of anything. And I still need to do my taxes. It's not like the take me that long so I'm not worried. Maybe I'll even get a chunck of them done tonight since there is no Alias on. (Yes, Wisteria, I will be watching Arrested Development :p)

Today I slept in, managed to get some cleaning done, then headed to the movies to see Hellboy. I enjoyed Hellboy quite a bit. It's one of the better comic book/super hero films I've seen (X-Men still has the advantage of having Hugh ;). I've always argued that these types of films are always more successful when you hire people who can act (and as Cousinjean pointed out) take their roles seriously. I loved the opening scene, the genuinely creepy villians, and how well the characters were introduced to us. Also, there was a scene that may stand out amongst us Buffy fans. ;)

I did have a couple quibbles (don't I always? ;). There's obviously more to John's character/backstory then we were shown (why was he picked to aid Hellboy?). My guess is that more will be revealed in the sequel. And the ending seemed rather rushed and poorly conceived. Still, I'd recommend it to people.

After that we all went to lunch at Panera where I had a yummy steak sandwich followed by ice cream at Coldstone which was also very yummy - and way more than I could eat.

Gosh, isn't my life exciting? Now I think I shall go flip through some magazines. The fun never stops!
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