April 6th, 2004

Asta 2

Today Is A Happy Day

For today is the day we were blessed with the presence of two wonderful women.

Let me start by singing (actually let me spare you that) speaking the praises of jonesiexxx. No board could contain this Goddess and all around smarty pants. ;) Her wit, wisdom, and smutty retorts know no bounds! It’s hard to believe we have only known each other roughly two years. It seems much, much longer (Hey! I mean that in the *good* way! :p) It’s been a joy getting to know you (and mock you ;) and I can’t wait until we meet again face to face next month. :)

As for cousinjean, I , like many others, were drawn to your LJ because of your undying love of Spuffy and amazing talent for writing them. But, I have since discovered what a generally swell gal your are too – funny, insightful, intelligent, and with an ability to make even the mundane interesting. :) It’s been a pleasure to getting to know you (and I may even forgive you for not coming to Chicago…..someday. :p)

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