April 28th, 2004

Asta 2


If not for the fact I was at work I'd be running around the room in full fandom giddiness. :) All of my fellow Christian/Lindsey fans - you must head over to lollobrigida's LJ and see the gorgeous new Lindsey icons she made per my request. You can see my fav - Shirtless!Lindsey! - here but the others are very pretty too. I took them all of course. ;)

And she happened to use images from my favorite episode 'Dead End' I didn't want to be picky so I just requested anything from season 2.

So, go, take, tell her how great they are and she is.
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Asta 2

Since It's Been Awhile Since I've Gone Against Popular Opinion...

When I got home from work today I watched Sharon Osbourne. Having read my Flist before seeing the show, I had heard that James and GotR had improved. Here's where the disagreeing comes in. ;)

Suffice it to say, my opinion has note changed. Maybe, *maybe* James sounded a little bit better, but I still wasn't wowed. Forgetting the music industry as a whole for a moment and just comparing him to his fellow Buffy/Angel musicians, Kane and Common Rotation blow GotR out of the water.

As for the interview, that was fun. My only wish is that the man would buy some new clothes! I kept envisioning him in a nice pair of slacks, jacket, and dress shoes thinking how wonderful and sophisticated he could look. Psst, James, you're over 40 now.

Now, four things about The O.C. that don't require cut tags:

1) Seth, Summer, and Ryan make a very cute threesome. No, not in *that* way. :p

2) Which just goes to prove that Marissa is unecessary and can DIE.

3) Love the Vegas.

4) "He paid off your pimps and your hos." MUWAHAHAHA. Now, there's a line you don't here everyday.

And a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to the wonderful dkellergrl. I don't think I've ever mentioned how glad I am to have come to know you through LJ. I thoroughly enjoy your updates about what's going on in and around NY - you make eager to get back there as soon as I can. Hope you are having a great celebration in Toronto. :)
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