June 23rd, 2004

Asta 2

Look At Me, I Actually Accomplished Something :)

Here’s where I attempt oh so very loosely to tie two episodes together. I promised people I'd post some thoughts I had. Me and my big mouth. ;) So, more out of laziness than some brilliant revelation, I attempt to tie two seemingly unrelated episodes together. 'As You Were' I watched weeks ago. ‘Touched’ I caught part of on FX while getting ready for work yesterday. The scene between Buffy and Spike, as usual, made me stop in my tracks and listen. For me, it’s one of the finest moments of season 7 and makes holes in the overall arc that rival Michigan roads forgotten for the moment.

As usual, this became a lot longer than I expected which is scaring the hell out of me - I don't want to even imagine how long my season 6 overview may be. So, without further adieu, 'As You Were', 'Touched', and mentions of a lots of other episodes I hadn't planned on making.....Collapse )

Now, I'm tired. Sorry if I'm not able to respond to any comments until tomorrow afternoon. Seems I actually have to do some work at work tomorrow. :P
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