July 27th, 2004

Asta 2

Alien3 Musings (Yeah, they're late - blame the Buffy Dailies :p)

For those of you who are interested (and, surprisingly, there are a few of you), Collapse )

So, anyone still awake? Sorry, I know I have trouble editing myself. I hope some of you found all that interesting. I'm still not crazy about the film. I'll always have issues with some of the choices that were made. Not to mention, I just can't find it scary or suspensful as I do the first two and even number four to a certain extent. I will admit it's the most visually stunning with some jaw dropping shots that ended up on the cutting room floor. I've always had a lot of respect for David Fincher and he did the best he could under impossible circumstances (and it was his first film!), but, like other FOX properties, I'll always be left to wonder, what if?
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Asta 2

If You Don't Like Spuffy Fic, Keep Moving People

No deep thoughts today, thank God. Hopefully the ‘Hell’s Bells’ dailies won’t provide any once I finally get to them. But, I did want to take a moment to recommend some great fics.

fer1213 rec’d Slow Motion by cindergal several days ago, but I just was able to get to it today. It’s takes place several months after the events in NFA and involves a Spuffy reunion I only wish we could have seen. Snappy dialogue, good insight into the characters, and a nice Spike/Illyria friendship make this another must read. God, I sound like a blurb on Amazon.com. :p

And speaking of my dear Fer, she started another marvelous WIP Third Chances - Woo and Hoo! This one takes place about a year after NFA and is a tiny bit angsty. But, this is Fer, so we just *know* how it will all turn out. :-) And if it doesn’t, I’m going down to Dallas to beat her over the head with her DVD box sets. I’m keeping my eye on you Missy…..
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