August 4th, 2004

Asta 2

News About James That Doesn't Make Me Want To Bang My Head On My Desk ;-)


Many of you are eager to know James’ next project and have e-mailed with lots of supportive suggestions – thank you. James has been very busy with meetings and auditions and reading material, that I am sure will lead to his next project shortly.

I know that a lot of you are anxiously following the Dresden book “Storm Front” which is in development with Lions Gate for Sci-Fi channel as a movie of the week. We are following it closely and as of now there is no casting yet. I understand that they are still in the development stages of working out the story for the small screen.

James will be recording the next Dresden book on tape “Grave Peril” in late September. As soon as we have a release date, we will share it with you.

Woo Hoo! I'm incredibly happy to read that they are continuing doing recordings of the series with James. Considering the success of the venture has a lot to do with James' performance, it would seem logical, to me, that he be cast in the film adaption. then again. studios are seldom logical. :p

Oh, people are e-mailing him with "supportive suggestions" as to what he should do next? ::rolls eyes then dies laughing::

In semi-related news, I finally finished watching the dailies. :) I have few observations (mercifully no in depth analysis) I'll try to post later today when I have more time.
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Asta 2

Life Serial and Hell's Bells Dailies

Before I forget, if any one wants to read very thorough and incisive reports of Jane’s Q&A at WriterCon, please check out swmbo’s journal. It was incredible to read that just about every opinion I had regarding the last two seasons of BtVS were confirmed by Jane. These two bits swmbo recalled were amongst my favorite:

"[Jane] thinks that part of the problem was simply a lack of Joss-time - no script/idea got filmed without going through him. But his attention was scattered enough that they didn't always think things through, if they had his attention, they pushed whatever it was that sounded good, without looking at the arc overall. Because of that, Jane thought things weren't as clear/powerful as they could be."

"[Jane] thinks the story worked very well thematically - the idea that Buffy spends the season coming to terms with her power and then, after she's done so, passing it along, but that it didn't always come across on screen."

I love Jane. How often do you get this kind of honestly from a writer? I doubt Joss would admit to any of this. :p

OK, I finally finished watching the dailies last night. No Spuffiness to report, sadly, but much Sarah cuteness Collapse )
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