September 29th, 2004

Asta 2

OK, I'm Hooked

Yes, I enjoyed the premiere of Lost last week and was enjoying it again this week. Then came the last fifteen minutes. That's when it got added to my Must See TV list. Not only am I now intrigued to find out the backstories for all the characters, but that message was one of the scariest things I've seen on TV recently (with the exception of 7th Heaven ;).

Also caught the debut of Kevin Hill tonight. I don't see me getting hooked on the show, but I'd certainly watch it again. I did feel that Kevin seemed to go from 'I don't want this kid' to doting dad too quickly though.

I only caught the first half of Veronica Mars last night since I had Scrubs at 9:30. I think I'll look for one of the repeat viewings because I was finding the episode interesting - especially since they thought outside the box and introduced a character who had money *and* was nice. Plus, it seemed like they curtailed the voiceovers.

I'll probably stick with Jack & Bobby in order to see Bradley Cooper who hopefully will be appearing soon. If not for him, I think I'd wash my hands of the show right now. I really don't care at all for the jumping from present to the future. And Christine Lahti comes off as a raving shrew. I get enough headaches in real life thank you.

And what's up with the fact that so many of the women in the shows I watch are unlikeable? Or am I the only one who thinks Tommy's sorta ex-wife on Rescue Me is a total bitch? She's making me side with a lying, cheating ass! Was I suppose to buy her lame arguement as to why she can't even manage a part-time job? Yeah, sweetie, I wish I had your tough life. :p

Can you tell how exciting my life is? I haven't posted in a week and all I can muster is TV recaps. Well, it's one way to prove I'm not dead. :)
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